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March 24-25
Who is interested in a trip to Potholes on March 24-25?  I will be there with bells on.

Started 03/10/07 at 01:10:04 by gotfive (Ex Member)
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15 6324 Last Post 03/14/07 at 18:34:07
By: basspro - Ex Member
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Thanksgiving Potholes
I will be at the Potholes for 2-3 days starting Thursday morning. Will be doing some shooting then having dinner. I am thinking of taking the boat and fishing either Friday, Saturday or both. If anyon...

Started 11/21/05 at 20:02:01 by Rob M. (Ex Member)
4 2276 Last Post 11/23/05 at 16:12:24
By: Rob M. - Ex Member
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Re: Long Lake (Spokane River)
Hi Chuck,
It depends on the weather.  It was a smoker last year when WBC was there and there we not too many LM caught tho we went after them.  The smallie bite was really a here and there propos...

Started 07/19/07 at 01:21:44 by gotfive (Ex Member)
0 1171 Last Post 07/20/07 at 14:20:51
By: gotfive - Ex Member
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April Heaven
I have to agree with Russ on the Potholes v. Silver in April.  After having competed many times succesfully in the April Silver Lake WBC Open, I would have to argue that the weather compl...

Started 03/09/04 at 00:48:20 by gotfive (Ex Member)
8 4359 Last Post 03/10/04 at 21:18:35
By: gotfive - Ex Member
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Evergreen Reservoir
I live close to Evergreen Reservoir.  I know zilch about it.  What can anyone tell me?  I know some smallies, walleyes, and tigers are available, but not much else.  Anyone have any info?<...

Started 09/05/02 at 21:21:17 by kholmes (Ex Member)
5 2830 Last Post 12/01/03 at 07:23:19
By: topjimmy - Ex Member
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Chelan / Wapato
Hit Chelan and Wapato this weekend with the family.  Got out on Chelan about 10:30 on Saturday and went to Wapato Pt.  3rd cast yeilded a fat 5lb'er.  God I love this lake.  Went to my 2nd area and th...

Started 07/02/07 at 14:57:33 by marktfd88 (Ex Member)
9 3926 Last Post 08/03/07 at 22:42:40
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Potholes Resevoir
Just got back from Potholes - and I know we're a Bass club, but I thought I should report that the Walleye fishing is superb.
The main lake is 42 degrees and the water level is high.
I manag...

Started 12/15/04 at 06:33:47 by HOPSING (Ex Member)
9 4187 Last Post 02/28/05 at 04:51:14
By: Admin
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Potholes July 16- 17 fed qualafier
This weekend was an good one to say the least, the winning sack was 18+ on Sat.  not sure about sun though, didn't stick around for the awards. The Largemouth that were biting were very aggressive and...

Started 07/18/05 at 04:45:09 by Weedwalker (Ex Member)
4 2282 Last Post 07/19/05 at 04:50:03
By: Weedwalker - Ex Member
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Before there was a Banks Lake
This is a picture from Oct 21st 1947 after the completion of the Grand Coulee Dam. You can tell that the water had not yet been pumped into the Grand Coulee area forming Banks Lake. That is Steamboat ...

Started 10/14/05 at 16:24:27 by Rob M. (Ex Member)
4 2254 Last Post 10/19/05 at 14:42:54
By: Sarge - Ex Member
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Potholes April 2nd
Hey all,
Checked out the big Reservoir today.  It was cold and breezy, but enjoyed the venture.  Pond is full and water temp hovered around 50.  Fishing was tough with the wind out of the east.  ...

Started 04/03/06 at 01:37:44 by gotfive (Ex Member)
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17 6581 Last Post 04/14/06 at 17:07:21
By: Carlos - Ex Member
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There is a new kid in town!
After seeing Mike Wolsky pull in a few pretty nice golden bass last year I thought it was time we give credit where credit is due. I declare Mark Maderos the new glolden bass king. This was during pre...

Started 03/28/07 at 02:19:44 by Man_with_a_view (Ex Member)
2 1608 Last Post 03/28/07 at 03:25:37
By: gotfive - Ex Member
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Potholes Warming Up!!
For those who like to fish the holes,
Water level down 5 feet from last year. Water temps running 57-63. Water clarity stained to 2- Ft visibility. Fished two days in different areas that I norma...

Started 04/12/04 at 04:07:49 by RussBaker (Ex Member)
9 4108 Last Post 05/01/04 at 20:20:11
By: RussBaker - Ex Member
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Potholes Reservoir water level
Hi y'all,
For those fishing Potholes over the next couple of weekends, I thought you might like to hear about the planned water management during that period. I just got off the phone with the wa...

Started 04/10/07 at 22:35:05 by sarge (Ex Member)
6 5438 Last Post 04/11/07 at 15:54:55
By: Carlos - Ex Member
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May1st Potholes Update
Hey Guys,
Wow, I just had 2 very humbling days of fishing on Potholes. I haven't fished there this time of year before, so I'm not sure if these conditions are normal or not. Basically, the water...

Started 05/02/04 at 04:37:46 by dgarrett (Ex Member)
9 3961 Last Post 05/09/04 at 05:46:08
By: dgarrett - Ex Member
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Thank You Russ Baker
Wink Isn't Baker a great guy!  I see by his last posting that he's rubbing it in with his claim of coming out best in the Potholes Open over his fellow club members.  I felt compelled, for those who do...

Started 04/26/08 at 14:45:24 by kelleyann3838 (Ex Member)
4 2153 Last Post 04/27/08 at 01:41:45
By: Flippin Technician - Ex Member
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Cast-4-Kids Potholes.
Anyone wishing to fish the Potholes Cast event on August 3rd...Jim Owens has an extra campsite reserved and needs boats for the event....get ahold of him at jim@castforkids.org or his number at 206 39...

Started 07/26/13 at 03:17:42 by Larry S.
0 1128 Last Post 07/26/13 at 03:17:42
By: Larry S.
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Banks/Roosevelt/Rufus Woods
Well folks, we're back from Banks lake and although the fishing wasn't red hot, it was very good. 
First Banks:
The beginning of the week started off with a great morning/evening topwater b...

Started 09/23/02 at 03:52:00 by Admin
1 1532 Last Post 09/23/02 at 12:06:06
By: marktfd88 - Ex Member
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Moses Lake Help
I'm headed to Moses in mid-September for a kayak bass fishing tournament, but I've never fished the lake.  Pretty sure we're going to be confined to Moses, and I've never done more than a 3-mile paddl...

Started 08/30/18 at 10:56:05 by G.Harris
4 4356 Last Post 08/31/18 at 07:42:40
By: Chris B.
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Headed over to the Potholes for the weekend. Had to leave due to the wind. Made an educated guess and left for Banks Friday around noon. It was the right decision to make. Fishing was good. Biggest we...

Started 10/10/05 at 00:37:10 by Xsftballer
2 2275 Last Post 10/13/05 at 00:47:20
By: Xsftballer
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Lake Chelan - low water
Hey y'all,
I just got back from a week of field work on Lake Chelan. It is pretty interesting driving around the Wapato basin right now because the water level is about 15 feet below full pool. T...

Started 02/25/06 at 01:07:15 by Sarge (Ex Member)
2 2311 Last Post 03/14/06 at 22:41:16
By: Sarge - Ex Member
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