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Ever heard of Osoyoos Lake, WA?
I opened the Sept/Oct edition of Bassmaster magazine and ran across the "100 Best Bass Lakes" article.  When I got to the Western states, I was eager to see what Washington Lakes made the list.  The f...

Started 08/27/22 at 19:23:45 by FishinRev
1 873 Last Post 09/18/22 at 02:49:11
By: Chris B.
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Lake Pend Orielle
Well , this is actually an Idaho Lake, but I figured that the people who know Eastern Washington lakes were the most likely to know this Lake and the Sandpoint area.
I am going up to my uncle's c...

Started 08/01/04 at 18:55:16 by StuK
4 2880 Last Post 08/02/04 at 04:32:45
By: StuK
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Scooteny-Vantage report
Back from my 2 day trip to the east side and caught a mix bag including a sunburn Shocked.  Left Seattle at 6am and got to Scooteney at 9am.  Headed north from the launch to the east cliff and around the n...

Started 07/23/04 at 21:15:32 by Y2SAYS (Ex Member)
1 1804 Last Post 07/24/04 at 02:00:23
By: dgarrett - Ex Member
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HUGE fish at Vantage
Fished Vantage the weekend of the 4th.  Some fish still moving up.  Water temps at 65-68, amazing, yes.  Caught 9 fish on Sunday, went back out EARLY Monday the 5th for topwater.  Nailed 4, with a 6-4...

Started 07/12/04 at 23:50:55 by gotfive (Ex Member)
2 2231 Last Post 07/15/04 at 04:13:18
By: REDCHAMP - Ex Member
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Lake Chelan
Went with the parents and fiancee over to chelan this past weekend. We went out for 3 hours sunday evening in some new water, and i caught a 2lber on a deep divin crank in 12 feet of water, and lost a...

Started 07/07/04 at 23:42:33 by Chad S. (Ex Member)
2 2046 Last Post 07/12/04 at 13:58:49
By: Chad S. - Ex Member
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Columbia River lakes
Speaking of Wanapum, what about some of these other Columbia chain of lakes? What's the scoop on Priest Rapids, Lake Pateros and Rufos Woods? These all look like great bodies of water. Any WBC tourney...

Started 06/29/04 at 22:02:52 by Rob M. (Ex Member)
0 1393 Last Post 06/29/04 at 21:02:52
By: Rob M. - Ex Member
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Roosevelt Bass-A-Thon!!!!!!!!!!!
hey Guys,
Just came back from Roosey and fished with a client of mine. Here are the numbers over 100 Smallies in less that 24 hours. Fished from Keller Ferry to 7 Bays. Caught 80% on Jerk baits i...

Started 06/07/04 at 00:49:17 by RussBaker (Ex Member)
5 3272 Last Post 06/08/04 at 16:29:14
By: Rob M. - Ex Member
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Hey Clubbers, I went to Columbia Point Park to get in a few casts after dropping off the boat at Nixons and it was a good stop with several fish but only one keeper at 2.2 pounds (Smally) the wind was...

Started 04/05/04 at 01:12:11 by Larry S. (Ex Member)
0 1261 Last Post 04/05/04 at 00:12:11
By: Larry S. - Ex Member
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Has anybody done any bass fishing around Wenatchee?  Any information would be appreciated.

Started 09/02/03 at 18:03:50 by Admin
2 2051 Last Post 11/30/03 at 04:49:40
By: S._Basser - Ex Member
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Potholes May 12th
Pre-Fished Potholes with my daughter, Dave Jarrel and the Holmes family.
I believe the word from all 3 of us was day one everyone probably even as far as weight-15-18lbs a day for each of us duri...

Started 05/13/07 at 20:29:06 by basspro (Ex Member)
2 2047 Last Post 05/14/07 at 14:36:11
By: gotfive - Ex Member
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Long Lake / Potholes
Hi Y'all,
Currently, I am typing from the Spokane Holiday Day Inn. Free internet access... WHhheeeee!  Grin
Bob Payseno and I are taking a few evenings to fish the area after he gets done each...

Started 08/03/04 at 18:19:44 by Sarge (Ex Member)
2 2181 Last Post 08/06/04 at 04:52:59
By: Nick - Ex Member
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i would have liked to fish the club tourney, but didnt know i was going until late thurday and was in a buddies boat.  anyway fishing was pretty good we caught alot of 1-1.5 lbs and enought 2-2.5 to m...

Started 06/25/06 at 22:27:03 by Troy (Ex Member)
9 5205 Last Post 07/09/06 at 23:56:32
By: WCCT - Ex Member
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Well lets start with the fishing, wasnt great but O.K. The food on other hand was. I stayed with John and Marge Holland, and boy can Margie really get down in the kitchen. I had a great time though al...

Started 08/10/06 at 02:07:30 by Mack (Ex Member)
0 1457 Last Post 08/10/06 at 02:07:30
By: Mack - Ex Member
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Long Lake (Spokane River)
Well, Larry Sullivan and I pre-fished this weekend over at Long Lake.  We fished a few hours Friday evening and did some lake familiarization mostly.  Saturday, we started around 8ish, started on some...

Started 08/21/07 at 02:29:50 by Wabasmstr (Ex Member)
5 3328 Last Post 08/22/07 at 03:37:46
By: Larry S.
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Potholes May 12-13
Anybody going over to Prefish Potholes the weekend of the 12th.
I'll be over there with my daughter to have a pre-fishing good time.
I would be glad to help you out on some areas if you take...

Started 04/27/07 at 00:30:34 by basspro (Ex Member)
12 6282 Last Post 05/03/07 at 03:10:54
By: basspro - Ex Member
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Potholes Reservoir
Planning the first trip to the big pond on Sunday, March 26th.  I know it is two weeks out, but I am so excited, I had too share.

Started 03/12/06 at 04:40:31 by gotfive (Ex Member)
12 8141 Last Post 03/23/06 at 15:29:54
By: HOPSING - Ex Member
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Vantage Nov - Dec
Any chance of pulling fish out of Vantage this time of year?

Started 11/24/04 at 21:26:43 by DanH (Ex Member)
2 2228 Last Post 11/25/04 at 20:22:15
By: DanH - Ex Member
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Medium to small bass lakes in Central WA
I told a friend at work that I would check for your recommendations on good bass fishing lakes in Central Washington for someone who lives between Moses Lake and Ephrata (about a mile or 2...

Started 05/10/05 at 05:49:39 by StuK
12 6265 Last Post 05/13/05 at 01:27:56
By: Bill Brynteson - Ex Member
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jack and jill at potholes
My wife and I choose to go to Potholes for the jack and jill this past weekend for alittle fun in the sun with no kids and limited cell use. NorthEnd did agreat job on the tourny lots and lots of grea...

Started 07/24/07 at 01:12:56 by Tubetric
5 3295 Last Post 07/26/07 at 05:34:25
By: basspro - Ex Member
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Fished the potholes from the 21st through the 24th, with 1 small largemouth caught the whole time. Average lake temp was 51- 52 degrees, and the wind kept trying to blow everyone off the lake. The 1st...

Started 04/26/06 at 14:15:03 by Matt Emrich (Ex Member)
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17 8972 Last Post 04/29/06 at 20:16:12
By: Rob M. - Ex Member
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