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Suspended Bass...
I recently had an interesting conversation (with a local bass angler whom I respect greatly) about "Suspended" bass.  Until recently, I have considered suspended fish as a Midwest large reservoir oppo...

Started 08/20/23 at 11:21:35 by FishinRev
2 402 Last Post 09/16/23 at 20:01:45
By: FishinRev
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When are crawfish orange?
I have a package of these, but they are bright orange with black on top.
I u...

Started 06/24/04 at 21:24:50 by Dipsnort (Ex Member)
10 5685 Last Post 06/25/04 at 22:39:33
By: RussBaker - Ex Member
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0 1333 Last Post 06/25/04 at 17:51:35
By: Sarge - Ex Member
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Stick baits
Has anyone found a huge difference in the choices of stickbaits on the market other than sink rates? You have Senkos, Yum Dingers, Kinami, Tiki Stick, Stick-O's just to name a few.

Started 07/02/04 at 21:02:13 by Rob M. (Ex Member)
4 3166 Last Post 07/19/04 at 13:45:50
By: Rob M. - Ex Member
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Battery question.
Does anyone know for sure, how you would connect 1 or 2 more batteries to an existing  [2 battery 24 volt system], to increase the trolling motor’s sustain running time?
Larry G...

Started 07/20/04 at 13:43:35 by Larry G. (Ex Member)
10 5061 Last Post 07/23/04 at 09:19:28
By: Jim_Shaffer - Ex Member
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So....What did you learn this season?
Here we are, The end of another season and what a year it was........The highest catch totals for tournaments in years....the lowest mortality rates EVER!!
One of the tightest Angler Of The Year...

Started 10/08/04 at 17:50:53 by Larry S. (Ex Member)
10 4965 Last Post 12/31/05 at 03:21:02
By: Wabasmstr - Ex Member
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New Drop Shot Rig!!
Learned 2 new drop shot rigs at the Citgo Open. They were pretty effective at the open on Shasta. Remind me to show ya. They worked on Smallies as well.
RB Grin

Started 10/26/04 at 00:14:39 by RussBaker (Ex Member)
1 1747 Last Post 10/26/04 at 02:46:00
By: Larry S. - Ex Member
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Fellow boaters,
  If you are one of the unfortunate boaters that must leave your "baby" (boat) out in the elements, I have a tip for you.  I went out to the boat the other day to find about 50 or...

Started 10/27/04 at 14:43:38 by EX-PREZ
1 1684 Last Post 10/27/04 at 17:48:11
By: Daryl_S. - Ex Member
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"Silver Buddy" types.....
Anybody use Silver Buddy or similar "blade baits"? A guy I know handed me a heavy little box. It had a bunch of homemade clones  Shocked inside. I've never used them, but have seen a few Billy Westmorel... Kiss

Started 12/16/04 at 03:05:37 by S._Basser (Ex Member)
3 2423 Last Post 12/19/04 at 05:06:42
By: Larry S. - Ex Member
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Red hooks, Red line
The line company says the fish can't see red, and the lure companies say they can.  Anyone have any great success with either?

Started 01/13/05 at 23:06:42 by Admin
3 2420 Last Post 01/14/05 at 05:40:18
By: Nick - Ex Member
Normal Topic
The other day, I was cruising the 'net and found this unusual spinnerbait. It's interesting, at least, and maybe more versatile than most. It looks to me like it might be more trouble in our milfoil, ...

Started 03/02/05 at 02:54:02 by S._Basser (Ex Member)
2 1997 Last Post 03/04/05 at 05:12:17
By: S._Basser - Ex Member
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Carp Bait?
Ever wondered what you can use to catch (if you really wanted to) Carp?  Here is a recipe:
2 cups cornmeal
3 tsps. Sugar
1/2 tsp. salt
1 pkg. strawberry gelatin
2 cups water<b...

Started 04/29/05 at 18:30:42 by Rich (Ex Member)
12 5575 Last Post 04/30/05 at 18:31:58
By: Chris B - Ex Member
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Idea for back seaters
I just read an excellent article by Bobby Lane called "Why less is more".  He talks about why you should bring less gear and what to take.  It is a good article for backseaters as to what to bring whe...

Started 07/18/05 at 17:19:59 by Rich (Ex Member)
2 2298 Last Post 07/19/05 at 05:04:09
By: Sarge - Ex Member
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Tri-Cities Patterns
OK, we all heard that Mark used lipless cranks to his benefit on Chelan Wink.  What colors are prefered by most of you?  I prefer the silver and blue or black, but have taken a liking to the rainbow pat...

Started 08/31/05 at 04:19:18 by gotfivetoo (Ex Member)
3 2202 Last Post 09/08/05 at 17:02:34
By: marktfd88 - Ex Member
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I just ran across this site and it is pretty neat in that it uses animation to show how to tie knots.  Much better then the static drawings.

Started 11/18/05 at 19:37:06 by Rich (Ex Member)
1 1692 Last Post 11/18/05 at 23:41:05
By: RussBaker - Ex Member
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Shaking and Doodling
Well, Carlos and I had the great fun of doodling for bass on Sunday and the frostbite tourney.  What is doodling?  Back in the early days of Monster bass fishing in So Cal, Don Ivino fished deep ( 40f...

Started 11/09/05 at 15:48:31 by marktfd88 (Ex Member)
5 3295 Last Post 11/11/05 at 16:24:14
By: marktfd88 - Ex Member
Normal Topic
Spinning Rod Lining.
I have a Ugly Stik, with a Shimano Spinning reel on there, its good enough for flipping my plastics and casting my spinner baits at lake kapowsin where i fish.
But recently im having trouble lin...

Started 05/11/06 at 04:13:44 by Young_Bass15 (Ex Member)
7 4035 Last Post 05/12/06 at 03:22:35
By: Nick_Barr - Ex Member
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2 pc drop shot spinning rod
I know that one piece rods are preferred but  I am looking for a good 2 piece drop shot spinning rod.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
Redmond, WA

Started 01/29/07 at 18:00:19 by smarsh (Ex Member)
10 5679 Last Post 02/19/07 at 06:35:53
By: Chris B.
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Braided line w/ fluorocarbon leader
Has anyone tried this method on other than fishing it with a shakey head?  How about using it for skipping a senko under a dock?  I've heard of a couple different knots being used and how may it effec...

Started 03/25/07 at 21:19:07 by Wabasmstr (Ex Member)
4 3693 Last Post 03/29/07 at 01:56:24
By: Wabasmstr - Ex Member
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Shallowest Jerk Bait?
I love hard Jerkbaits and for the most part use Rapalas over the grass beds in the spring and early summer.  But when the grass beds start getting closer to the surface, any jerkbait that runs 3 to 4 ...

Started 07/07/07 at 00:47:29 by The_Rev. (Ex Member)
11 5193 Last Post 07/11/07 at 04:41:02
By: basspro - Ex Member
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