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Re: J & J July 29 & 30
Reply #15 - 08/06/06 at 04:06:32
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The J&J is always a hoot.  We would've loved to be there and whoop your butts, er, I mean enjoyed the commraderie.  Wink

Seriously, we really do miss seeing everyone and all the fun at the tournies.  With limited vacation time and funds, and a big move ahead, we've had to focus on other priorities this year.  Heck, we've been out only 2-3 times this summer.

Oh well, taking a year off can be a positive thing, right Russ?

Sounds like y'all had a blast again.  Congrats to everyone.  Just going and placing is a big deal.  Hope to see everyone soon!
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Re: J & J July 29 & 30
Reply #16 - 08/07/06 at 00:41:51
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Yep. Gets you real motivated.
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