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Topic Summary - Displaying 15 post(s).
Posted by: basspro - Ex Member
Posted on: 08/07/06 at 00:41:51

Yep. Gets you real motivated.
Posted by: Admin
Posted on: 08/06/06 at 04:06:32
The J&J is always a hoot.  We would've loved to be there and whoop your butts, er, I mean enjoyed the commraderie.  Wink

Seriously, we really do miss seeing everyone and all the fun at the tournies.  With limited vacation time and funds, and a big move ahead, we've had to focus on other priorities this year.  Heck, we've been out only 2-3 times this summer.

Oh well, taking a year off can be a positive thing, right Russ?

Sounds like y'all had a blast again.  Congrats to everyone.  Just going and placing is a big deal.  Hope to see everyone soon!
Posted by: bill44 - Ex Member
Posted on: 08/05/06 at 17:23:29
What a great week-end with the Jack and Jill.  Terry and I had a great time and many thanks to Lyle and Andrea for the great BBQ.   

Congrats to Stu and Samantha on your first place. 

And thanks Jim for doing another great job as TD. 

Also thaks to Russ for the entertainment my heart skipped a beat or two during the demonstration of boating skills.

Thanks for all the fun and fellowship WBC.

Bill and Terry
Posted by: larrys - Ex Member
Posted on: 08/03/06 at 03:05:39
Fantastic Job Karpenko's!  Grin
Posted by: rob_maglio - Ex Member
Posted on: 08/02/06 at 08:42:06
"Ramming Russ"...??...??

No comments....
Posted by: powerworm - Ex Member
Posted on: 08/02/06 at 06:16:40
Thats awesome Stu.  Great job both of you.  Smiley
Posted by: StuK
Posted on: 08/02/06 at 05:58:11
We had a great time this weekend.

Thanks to Jim for running a great tourney and to Logstons and everyone who contributed to another awesome potluck. We had a blast hanging out with all the other couples.

As for how the fishing went, we went to the flats with almost everyone else on Saturday AM, but had a pretty slow start. We ended up going to Plum Point and dragging Carolina rigged lizards in 10 - 25 feet of water and we picked up our 6 fish limit in a couple of hours, but had a couple of barely 12 inch fish in the well. About 1 pm, we wandered back to the flats and picked up our biggest fish of the day on a drop shot. It was a very average limit, but it was within a pound up or down of most everyone else.

On Sunday, we started at a topwater spot on the flats, but didn't get anything. We started motoring out to go back to Plum Point, but on the way I saw on the graph that the bottom was 9 - 12 feet deep with scattered weeds and boulders/rock. We decided to try dragging our lizards there and ended up getting good fish after good fish from 7:00 am until 8:30 am. We just went around in a big figure 8. By 8:30, we had the limit we finished with, except for one that we culled later.

So on Sunday we ended up with 6 fish at 1.5 - 2.2 lbs each. Nothing huge, just a bunch of decent (for Roosevelt) cookie cutter fish.

Yes, Samantha caught the most fish. What can I say, the woman can fish. Kiss I felt like I did a good job putting us on fish and making some good decisions - and I also caught a lot of good fish.

I haven't ever had a fishing day, much less a tourney, like we had this weekend, so it was really great.

We are really thankful for all of the friendship, help and support we receive from our fellow club members, no matter where we finish.

Stu and Samantha
Posted by: Nick_Barr - Ex Member
Posted on: 08/02/06 at 02:48:43
Good Job STU and SAMANTHA!
Posted by: TeamEagle - Ex Member
Posted on: 08/01/06 at 20:17:13
I'll just let that one go since your probly just frustated that you can't do much fishing these days... Wink

"The Don"

Good job Stu and Sam!
Posted by: Rich - Ex Member
Posted on: 08/01/06 at 18:54:41
WOW, Samantha and Stu win the Jack & Jill.  Congratulations!!!

Let's see now.  Stu and Don Carlos go out and can't catch a fish in a tournament.  Then Stu makes a change to Samantha as his fishing partner and BAM they win it.  What would this seem to tell you?

Way to go Sam.  I hope you didn't give Stu too many of your secrets Shocked

We still haven't heard from the winners how they did it or who got the most fish.

It sounds like you all had a great time, as always.  Dottie and I look forward to being there next year.

Posted by: basspro - Ex Member
Posted on: 08/01/06 at 01:56:07

I took it easy on this one. Wanted the girls to have a grand time and myself to have a relaxing event after putting in 65 hour weeks.
Posted by: Tnbasmstr - Ex Member
Posted on: 08/01/06 at 01:44:08
Russ, Russ, Russ,,,,  How are you going to ever correct your daughter's driving if you can't drive?Hmmmm,,,We will be offering remedial drivers training on land at my place in Lakebay (no water involved)....Sorry to hear you scared the H---- out of your daughter. 

I bet everyone will ride you now and your right, you probably just changed your own log in name now.  At least no one was hurt and there was NO damage actually. 

Hey, NO TROPHY??  Whats that all about, I thought you were headed for #3?   Grin Grin Grin
Posted by: basspro - Ex Member
Posted on: 08/01/06 at 00:48:51

You describe it well, an absolute blast. Great food by Logstons, good laughs and almost cry's Embarrassed Cry on my part- my new log in name should be "Ramming Russ" as I almost cut Jack and Deidre's Nitro in half by accident of coarse, couldn't see in the peripheral vision as I hit reverse as fast as I can to avoid a disaster  after saturday's weigh in. Couldn't buy a 2lb fish or better, but managed to catch tons of keepers with my daughter at her first tournament with me.

Looking forward to next year without the near miss.

Posted by: bbrynteson - Ex Member
Posted on: 08/01/06 at 00:45:04
Congratulations Stu & Samantha, Andrea & Lyle,  Ron & Shanne  Grin

This is a good tournament, I look forward to myself and Judy out there next year.

Posted by: kholmes - Ex Member
Posted on: 08/01/06 at 00:11:33
22, 23 or 29, 30.  Details......sheees..... Tongue