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favorite scent?
What's your favorite scent for soft plastic lures? †

Started 10/10/11 at 04:18:16 by Angie
7 1678 Last Post 10/11/11 at 22:13:05
By: Nick - Ex Member
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"Secret" tips
As many of you know, I throw spinnerbaits a lot. As such, there's been many occasions where I've been asked to show somebody how to fish spinnerbaits.
I've been out with quite a few people over ...

Started 09/14/02 at 03:28:38 by Admin
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15 3458 Last Post 03/13/04 at 05:59:10
By: hawghunter_2017
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"Silver Buddy" types.....
Anybody use Silver Buddy or similar "blade baits"? A guy I know handed me a heavy little box. It had a bunch of homemade clones  Shocked inside. I've never used them, but have seen a few Billy Westmorel... Kiss

Started 12/16/04 at 03:05:37 by S._Basser (Ex Member)
3 1201 Last Post 12/19/04 at 05:06:42
By: Larry S. - Ex Member
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Fellow boaters,
  If you are one of the unfortunate boaters that must leave your "baby" (boat) out in the elements, I have a tip for you.  I went out to the boat the other day to find about 50 or...

Started 10/27/04 at 14:43:38 by EX-PREZ
1 929 Last Post 10/27/04 at 17:48:11
By: Daryl_S. - Ex Member
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10 inch Ribbon Tail Worms
I've been bored with the senko fishing and small lmb bites and was thinking it's time to throw something different then the "crowd."† I then spotted a bag of 10 inch bag of ribbon tail worms I picked ...

Started 08/14/16 at 09:52:34 by Rodney H
3 1503 Last Post 09/21/16 at 06:39:55
By: Rodney H
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15 dollar crankbaits???
I love crankbait  fishing, If  there is any form of bass fishing that i would say i have some slill in it would be fishing cranks.  I have yet to use a high dollar bait like a lucky craft. I could be...

Started 12/18/04 at 07:36:09 by RobAllen (Ex Member)
1 542 Last Post 12/18/04 at 21:35:52
By: basspro - Ex Member
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2 pc drop shot spinning rod
I know that one piece rods are preferred but  I am looking for a good 2 piece drop shot spinning rod.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
Redmond, WA

Started 01/29/07 at 18:00:19 by smarsh (Ex Member)
10 2765 Last Post 02/19/07 at 06:35:53
By: Chris B.
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Okay....the days are officially getting longer and it is time to see what 5 baits...if given the option would you have tied on for these times....
1). Silver in April.
2). Potholes in May. <...

Started 01/08/07 at 04:55:08 by Larry S. (Ex Member)
11 2632 Last Post 01/18/07 at 06:40:38
By: RobAllen - Ex Member
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alabama rig
Was over at the Outdoor Emporium rigging some reels with line and was shown a Alabama rig by one f the employees there. Came home and did a little research on it. Just wondering what you guys think an...

Started 02/16/12 at 20:01:00 by bassin9
6 1608 Last Post 02/21/12 at 02:00:22
By: bassin9
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Alternative to Senko
I just went online and noticed that Senkos are now $7.49 and up at most places.  The senko has been my go-to bait, but I may have to look at some alternatives at these prices, especially with everythi...

Started 02/12/11 at 18:18:06 by Y2SAYS
7 2443 Last Post 02/21/11 at 23:56:23
By: Troy - Ex Member
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Appropriate lb. test line for skipping plastics
Well, it finally happened.  I had a REALLY good fish on yesterday and my leader snapped. Shocked Cry
Here's my setup: 20 lb. test Power Pro with 10 lb. test mono leader for skipping Senko's (and such)...

Started 05/04/05 at 17:17:47 by Dipsnort (Ex Member)
14 3024 Last Post 05/06/05 at 00:25:58
By: Rwfaz - Ex Member
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Are you getting ready?
Hey folks just wanted to share something for those of us with.....
Time on you hands during these dreary days...
A tight budget......
I recently went on E-Bay and got some great deals f...

Started 03/07/03 at 20:31:02 by Larry S. (Ex Member)
0 516 Last Post 03/07/03 at 19:31:01
By: Larry S. - Ex Member
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Auburn Sports & Marine
Auburn Sports & Marine is putting on a winter deep water technique clinic tomorrow night at 6:30 at the store Mike Wolsky will be the speaker. come check it out should be a great clinic.
Thanks <...

Started 03/12/08 at 14:22:09 by Ripalip
0 460 Last Post 03/12/08 at 14:22:08
By: Ripalip
Normal Topic
Back seat

Started 04/14/10 at 17:10:29 by BassAholic
1 820 Last Post 04/15/10 at 16:03:55
By: The_Rev. - Ex Member
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Bass fishin' for the Buoyancy-Challanged
Just throwin' this out there . . .
Are there any suggestions to a new member who wants to get some hours of Bassin' in, doesn't have a boat, and thinks the weeks between Fish-ins seem longer than...

Started 03/10/03 at 20:00:20 by Skeptic (Ex Member)
9 1795 Last Post 03/13/03 at 05:38:09
By: Doug_Booth - Ex Member
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Bass Pro has powder coat paint
For everyone who paints their own jigheads and lead, BassPro ow has a nice selection of powder coat colors:

Started 01/02/08 at 00:30:39 by Stu (Ex Member)
6 1449 Last Post 01/05/08 at 03:20:01
By: Wabasmstr - Ex Member
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Bass Tech
Well my shop has been slow so I have had time to do so upgrades to the boat. I built some rod organizes using cutting boards & golf tubes No more tangled up rods for me. I made them for both sides so ...

Started 11/27/08 at 20:10:46 by BassAholic
14 4091 Last Post 12/08/08 at 21:39:55
By: BassAholic
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Battery question.
Does anyone know for sure, how you would connect 1 or 2 more batteries to an existing  [2 battery 24 volt system], to increase the trolling motorís sustain running time?
Larry G...

Started 07/20/04 at 13:43:35 by Larry G. (Ex Member)
10 2200 Last Post 07/23/04 at 09:19:28
By: Jim_Shaffer - Ex Member
Normal Topic
Bedding Fish...
I am a little torn on the fishing for female bass on beds.  Certainly it will get you a toad, but has anyone have documented facts or studies of the harm or lack of it, to spawning fish.  If there is ...

Started 05/19/04 at 06:14:23 by Doug_Booth (Ex Member)
4 1052 Last Post 05/20/04 at 19:50:09
By: Rwfaz - Ex Member
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Best way to fish spinnerbaits
I've just started getting into bass I've got a lot to learn and relearn.
Senkos, dropshot, split shot, reaction's all new to me since I quit freshwater when I moved to Tampa...

Started 05/26/06 at 23:56:05 by kastin_kurt (Ex Member)
4 920 Last Post 07/14/06 at 23:36:36
By: T_Dot - Ex Member
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