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Anyone been over to Wallula lately? I am heading over tomorrow to Nixon's, figured I would fish for the weekend.
I was at Banks October 20-22 and the fishing was still pretty good. Biggest Small...

Started 10/28/05 at 00:27:58 by Xsftballer
0 635 Last Post 10/28/05 at 00:27:54
By: Xsftballer
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Carlos and I just got back from Tri-cities and fishing was so-so. It was the first time we had been there and spent a lot of time learning the lake and getting familiar with it.
I have to say it ...

Started 09/06/05 at 03:49:26 by Wish I had Five (Ex Member)
0 599 Last Post 09/06/05 at 03:49:26
By: Wish I had Five - Ex Member
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lake osoyoos
Hey spent Memorial weekend at Osoyoos.  Great lake but a heck of a long drive.  Camped with the family at the state park.  Great campground but no power for recharging batteries.  I only fished two ho...

Started 05/31/05 at 17:16:32 by marktfd88 (Ex Member)
0 683 Last Post 05/31/05 at 17:16:32
By: marktfd88 - Ex Member
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Banks Lake Report
Hello all,
I spent Friday and Saturday over at Banks, prefishing for the NW tourney with my Dad. Friday was productive since the weather was good...water temp 39-42. caught 7 smallies, 3 in the 2...

Started 03/27/05 at 04:44:53 by dgarrett (Ex Member)
0 691 Last Post 03/27/05 at 04:44:53
By: dgarrett - Ex Member
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My buddy and I are thinking about heading to Vantage sometimes next month.  Is it too early to go?

Started 02/28/05 at 08:56:20 by Y2SAYS (Ex Member)
0 600 Last Post 02/28/05 at 08:56:16
By: Y2SAYS - Ex Member
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Potholes Open
This topic has been moved to Tournament Talk by Glenn.

Started 01/04/05 at 01:01:03 by RussBaker (Ex Member)
0 630 Last Post 01/04/05 at 01:01:03
By: RussBaker - Ex Member
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Columbia River lakes
Speaking of Wanapum, what about some of these other Columbia chain of lakes? What's the scoop on Priest Rapids, Lake Pateros and Rufos Woods? These all look like great bodies of water. Any WBC tourney...

Started 06/29/04 at 22:02:52 by Rob M. (Ex Member)
0 640 Last Post 06/29/04 at 21:02:52
By: Rob M. - Ex Member
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Hey Clubbers, I went to Columbia Point Park to get in a few casts after dropping off the boat at Nixons and it was a good stop with several fish but only one keeper at 2.2 pounds (Smally) the wind was...

Started 04/05/04 at 01:12:11 by Larry S. (Ex Member)
0 588 Last Post 04/05/04 at 00:12:11
By: Larry S. - Ex Member
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Well lets start with the fishing, wasnt great but O.K. The food on other hand was. I stayed with John and Marge Holland, and boy can Margie really get down in the kitchen. I had a great time though al...

Started 08/10/06 at 02:07:30 by Mack (Ex Member)
0 628 Last Post 08/10/06 at 02:07:30
By: Mack - Ex Member
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tri cities, lake wallula
This topic has been moved to Tournament Talk by Glenn.

Started 09/20/04 at 18:47:00 by Chad S. (Ex Member)
0 575 Last Post 09/20/04 at 18:47:00
By: Chad S. - Ex Member
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Dworshak Reservoir fishing report
This place is so far into Eastern Washington, it's actually in Idaho.  Grin
That's where I was last week on vacation, and after 3 days of constant rain, often long periods of downpouring, I finally...

Started 08/30/04 at 18:06:44 by Dipsnort (Ex Member)
0 694 Last Post 08/30/04 at 18:06:44
By: Dipsnort - Ex Member
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Sprague Lake
Had Friday off and had to run to Moses Lake anyway so went to Sprague. Got there about 11am. Windy and getting worse by the minute. Pulled off after about 3 hrs. Everyone else had already pulled out. ...

Started 06/12/05 at 23:45:28 by REDCHAMP (Ex Member)
0 528 Last Post 06/12/05 at 23:45:27
By: REDCHAMP - Ex Member
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Snoqualmie Pass!!!
Hey fellas,
Better take a good look at the weather.  The forcasters could be full of it, but check the pass cameras before you start.  Could be harry, and these spring storms are the worst. Sad  ...

Started 04/14/06 at 14:50:06 by gotfive (Ex Member)
0 544 Last Post 04/14/06 at 14:50:05
By: gotfive - Ex Member
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Re: Long Lake (Spokane River)
Hi Chuck,
It depends on the weather.  It was a smoker last year when WBC was there and there we not too many LM caught tho we went after them.  The smallie bite was really a here and there propos...

Started 07/19/07 at 01:21:44 by gotfive (Ex Member)
0 559 Last Post 07/20/07 at 14:20:51
By: gotfive - Ex Member
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Cast-4-Kids Potholes.
Anyone wishing to fish the Potholes Cast event on August 3rd...Jim Owens has an extra campsite reserved and needs boats for the event....get ahold of him at jim@castforkids.org or his number at 206 39...

Started 07/26/13 at 03:17:42 by Larry S.
0 587 Last Post 07/26/13 at 03:17:42
By: Larry S.
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Lake Chelan Questions
My family and I are heading up to lake Chelan for the week for vacation. I have never fished Lake Chelan, but know it can be very good this time of year. I know a lot of you guys know a lot about the ...

Started 08/21/14 at 06:32:30 by kwikstrom24
0 474 Last Post 08/21/14 at 06:32:29
By: kwikstrom24
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Banks Lake
Hi Y'all,
In what is becoming an October tradition, Rick Gagliardi and I tromped over to Banks Lake for three days this past weekend. With blue Triton and large motorhome on the road, we were exc...

Started 10/15/02 at 00:39:17 by sarge (Ex Member)
0 388 Last Post 10/14/02 at 23:39:17
By: sarge - Ex Member
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Potholes this weekend
Keri and I enjoyed a nice, warm weekend on Potholes yesterday and today.  We caught 10 or 11 apiece each day.  Biggest went 4.10.  Had one smallie just torpedo Keri's crankbait in a foot of water. He ...

Started 06/27/11 at 04:48:36 by Glenn_May
0 521 Last Post 06/27/11 at 04:48:36
By: Glenn_May
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Chelan/Wapato 6/14 & 6/15
Started on friday afternoon fishing Wapato with only one keeper to show for it saw 3 fish over 7 but couldn't get them to go. Fished Chelan in the evening for about 8 fish with biggest going 3-1/2. Fi...

Started 06/15/08 at 23:38:46 by basspro (Ex Member)
0 433 Last Post 06/15/08 at 23:38:45
By: basspro - Ex Member
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Potholes Re-lived
Went back out today, not quite as good, freaking pontoon boat anchored on my spot!  Water up 2.5 feet since last weekend!  A bit more cover, caught 4 good LM  Smileyin 7 hours of fishing, largest 3.2lbs. ...

Started 09/29/08 at 00:59:02 by gotfive (Ex Member)
0 418 Last Post 09/29/08 at 00:59:02
By: gotfive - Ex Member
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