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Sturgeon in Lk Washington. YES!
09/24/23 at 07:29:16
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My soldier (Take a Warrior Fishing) had a 5-6 ft (maybe bigger) sturgeon hooked and on the line for 3-4 minutes yesterday. It did a long tail walk on the surface so we plainly saw what it was. We didn't have a chance of boating it as it was a 6.5' med spinning rod with 15 lb braid and 10 lb flouro leader. An amazing experience. In 31 years, I've never heard of, seen or witnessed anything like it. The friggin GoPro was pointed the wrong direction and, after it jumped, I started recording with my phone but, it came off a second later. Not a fish story.

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Re: Sturgeon in Lk Washington. YES!
Reply #1 - 09/24/23 at 14:40:31
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A couple years ago for our June tournament myself and my backseater  vinnie witnessed one probably 6 to 8 feet long that came up under the boat onto the shallow sand bar at the mouth of the cedar river.
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