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starting back up
03/28/22 at 19:17:02
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is this program ever going to start back up?
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Re: starting back up
Reply #1 - 04/02/22 at 04:50:05
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Hey Don. I see nobody has replied so I'll chime here. With many new guys, both boaters and non-boaters, we'll need to who is who after everyone joins, pays dues, etc. The Ambassador program hasn't really existed for years. It has kind of morphed into a "looking for a backseat". The challenge, as it used to be, was someone latching on to a guy with expectations of going out fishing everytime his Ambassador went. If the boater couldn't make a tournament, his Ambassadee would get frustrated that he couldn't go. The non-boater would cling to his Ambassador as if it was a written rule or an obligation once you sign-up as a volunteer. It's all changed. My advice would be to keep posting on here and FB whenever you are hoping to go out, help out with gas when someone does take you and you'll have no troubles getting rides.

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