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Banks or Potholes
03/09/06 at 05:22:36
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Young Son wants to fish eastern Wa. the first week of April. Which lake would be best, Banks or Potholes? Does not matter about large or small mouth. Just want to whoop up on Young Son with bigger fish. Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin                    BooYaaaaaaa

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Re: Banks or Potholes
Reply #1 - 03/09/06 at 05:31:01
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You may be fighting a lot of boats on Banks with the NW Bass tournament on the 8th. I would guess there will be plenty of pre-fishing boats. I think both are good and particularly like Potholes myself. Banks is a good sized lake however, but a further drive. I think you have a better chance of catching more fish on banks, but better size at Potholes.
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