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Topic Summary - Displaying 2 post(s).
Posted by: REDCHAMP - Ex Member
Posted on: 08/25/05 at 06:53:02
I fish Evergreen for muskies but have caught a few nice bass on musky baits. Big walleyes in there also.
Posted by: y2says - Ex Member
Posted on: 08/19/05 at 03:53:15
My buddy and I left late on Monday and headed to Evergreen Reservoir to give it a shot.  Not knowing what to expect we decided to do some night fishing as we got there around 9pm.  No bites at all.  We heard a lot of fish jumping, but probably carp.  The next morning was somewhat the same.  A lot of small bites and landed a few dinks with a 1lb largemouth being the biggest caught by my friend.  By 11am we were done with Evergreen and decided to go down to Vantage.  We had success there last year in a couple of hours of fishing and was pretty exicited about it.  We got to Vantage around 12 and the weather was close to 100, but very little wind.  All of our spots last year weren't producing this time.  We decided to head South on the east bank and then there were signs of life.  My buddy started catching some 11" fish, then as I was reeling my crankbait up a 2-2.5lb bass took it.  I was not prepared so I didn't have a good hook set and the fish got off.  About 4pm the winds kick up and made it really tough especially with only a 40lb thrust motor.  Finally as we were working our way back I landed the first decent fish on a grub.  It was a 15" 2lb fish.  My buddy and I had a bet going and I was like Iconelli when I caught it.  Of course my friend didn't want be down any money so we kept fishing.  By this time my batteries on my trolling motor was about gone and I was using the main motor and manuevering around while he fished.  Just when I was about to call it quits he called out "Fish" and saw the darn thing jump and I thought I was done.  He boated it and lucky for me it was the exact same size.  He was yelling "Never give up" a bunch of times.  I won the first part of the bet and tied the other part so the next 30 minutes we were trying so hard to catch another keeper, but failed.  Over it was a dissapointing trip, but still fun being out in the water.  I think if we were just fishing at Vantage from the start we would've boated more keepers.