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Dick Streater - Speaker at January Meeting
01/10/06 at 06:19:59
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Our speaker for the January General Meeting on the 19th will be Dick Streater.

Here is the text of a press release for Dick's presentation:

Dick Streater is a nationally recognized and published authority on collectible fishing tackle. In doing research on this hobby, he began to discover the marvelous and bizarre inventions made to catch more fish, and of course, to also catch the fisherman and his wallet.

This process gradually evolved into what our talk will be about at the meeting... "Dick Streater... The Fishing Comedian." We will be laughing at the anglers through the ages & their gadgetry... spring loaded casting rods, hand pumper trolling motors, noise and scent marking baits, what colors work best, how to find the hotspot again (before GPS), and toss in a few bad: Ole & Sven and other Fishing Jokes for good measure.

Streater requests that you  bring in any old fishing stuff you may have salted away for an up-to-date evaluation. Bamboo Rods, Old Reels, Creels, Salmon Plugs, Bass & Musky Plugs, etc. Cash will be available for purchases.

Streater is a member of:
Western Bass Club, Seattle
B.A.S.S. Bass Anglers Sportsman Society
N.F.L.C.C. National Fishing Lure Collector's Club
Puget Sound Anglers - Lake Washington Chapter
University of Minnesota Alumni Association
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