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How to find EVERY tournament in WA this year...
03/18/23 at 08:22:17
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Obviously you KNOW when and where WBC has it's tournaments this year; we listed them here in the forum and on Facebook.


      *  Do you know how to find if there are tournaments on your favorite lake this weekend?

       *  Do you want to know how many tournaments were held in the previous weekends on a specific lake just before one of ours is scheduled?  (How beat up are the fish going to be?)

       *  Are you interested in fishing other "Open" tournaments throughout the state this year?

The WDFW has a page on their site that can answer your questions.  It provides listings for every scheduled tournament throughout the state.  Go to...


You can check on the tournaments available for the next 30. 60. or 90 days - or the whole year.  You can check state wide, or just pick a specific county.

EXAMPLE:  So if you wanted to find out how many tournaments will be held right before our April 15th WBC tournament on Lake Washington,  you can select "30 days", and "King County" - and you will see that there are two previous tournaments:  March 25th, and April 1-2. (Both are OPENs - each with some serious anglers). That means the fish will get hit hard for two weekends, then get one weekend relief before ours begins. It is what it is.   

And if you want, you can look up the tournaments online and search for the specifics.  You might want to compete, or you might just want to  go down to see the results at the weigh-ins.

It's a good link to bookmark.

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