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Tapps Allen Yorke Boat Lunach Parking Closed 2022
04/18/22 at 11:29:24
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City of Bonney Lake press release:

"Allan Yorke Park Boat Launch Parking
Posted on 04/13/2022
Speed BoatAllan Yorke Park Boat Launch:

On January 11, 2022, the City Council voted to approve a contract to build a new recreational ballfield at Allan Yorke Park. The ballfield construction began immediately and has displaced the designated vehicle and watercraft trailer parking area with no alternate area currently available for this type of parking.

Council has decided that there will be no boat trailer parking during the 2022 boating season. A plan to have adequate watercraft trailer parking for the 2023 boating season has been identified.

The boat launch will be open to Bonney Lake residents who purchase a launch pass and who do not need to park their tow vehicle and watercraft trailer on site. Tow vehicles and watercraft trailers that are parked in any of the Allan Yorke Park lots or in surrounding neighborhoods are subject to having the tow vehicle and watercraft trailer impounded.

The boat launch will open and pass sales to City residents will resume when the City lots have updated signage and the launch has been modified to accommodate secure launching. It is estimated that it will take approximately 4 weeks to have the signs made and installed."

Tacoma News Tribune article"
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Re: Tapps Allen Yorke Boat Lunach Parking Closed 2022
Reply #1 - 04/18/22 at 14:28:06
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Yes this is the small launch on the south side of the lake that has the pilings that go up and down. Over by the ballfields
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