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Locked Topic FAQ and Etiquette Guide - START HERE (Read 1300 times)
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FAQ and Etiquette Guide - START HERE
07/19/18 at 07:29:50
You are a boater looking for someone to take out or you are a non-boater trying to find someone to take you out fishing. Below are some questions and answers along with some helpful tips to make your experience great and improve you odds of getting good results.

It is generally pretty easy for a boater to find someone to take fishing but can be somewhat more challenging for a non-boater to find someone to take them out. Most everyone in our club is more than happy to take people out fishing! Be persistent, if you don't get responses to your post be sure to contact the club Ambassador Director and ask for assistance getting on a boat. You can find the Ambassador Director contact info here:

Non-Boater Etiquette
  1. It is good etiquette to offer to pay for gas. Owning and operating a boat is expensive so offering to pay for the gas for the day is a great gesture and will be much appreciated by the boat owner. If you are so inclined, bringing some snacks to share or offering to buy breakfast or lunch is a great bonus! Be sure to make these offers in your post requesting a back seat on someones boat. It will help you get attention.
  2. When fishing on another members boat you will be expected to take the back seat. The back deck is where you will be fishing from.
  3. Good etiquette dictates that your casts should remain in the back half of the boat. Draw an imaginary line cutting the boat in half width wise. Keep your casts behind that line. Now, this is good etiquette but if you are just having fun out on the lake the boat owner may relax on these "rules". Follow the etiquette and you will have no issues. If the boat owner doesn't care, they will let you know!
  4. Some folks are pretty tight lipped about their spots on lakes. If you are lucky enough to be taken to some of these spots, keep them to yourself. Tell nobody. If you are unsure if it is a super secret honey hole, just ask.

Non-Boater Q and A
Q: What should a non-boater be expected to bring with them?
A: Below is a list of things the non-boater should bring.
  1. Fishing License
  2. A reasonably sized duffel or tackle box paired down for the day.
  3. 4 or 5 rods unless otherwise arranged. Be sure to rig them up for the day.
  4. Life jacket unless otherwise arranged
  5. Snacks/food/water if you prefer
  6. Sunglasses/Sunblock/Hat
  7. Gas money offering

Q: I have to use the bathroom! I'm not sure I want to make the boater drive all the way to a bathroom. What do I do?
A: You ask the boater if he can find a bathroom! The boater probably has to go too. If you are fun fishing it isn't a big deal, don't worry about it. Just ask. If you are on some amazing fishing you might want to hold it a bit if possible! If you are in a points tournament this becomes much more of an inconvenience, you are at the mercy of the boater but if it is an emergency of course the boater will accommodate you.

Q: I'm not used to going 70+ on a lake. It makes me nervous but I really want to go fishing. Is it ok to express my concerns?
A: Yep, just tell the boater higher speeds make you a bit nervous. Ask if it ok if they ease you into it a bit by going slower until you are more comfortable. Generally, higher speeds are reserved for getting from one end of a larger lake to the other. When fun fishing it shouldn't be an issue for the boater to take it easy. Note: Many bass boats require a heavy foot to get out of the hole and on plane, expect a fairly quick take off to get on plane and then the boater will ease up on the throttle. If you are participating in a points tournament you may have to suck it up and deal with it. This is something you should discuss with your tournament partner prior to the event to be sure you have things worked out.
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