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Topic Summary - Displaying 12 post(s).
Posted by: Russbaker - Ex Member
Posted on: 10/26/04 at 00:07:40

Thanks for the kind words. Ya know I wish more of our guys would have fished this event. I believe if any one of them had drawn two good partners they would have cashed a check. My first day partner just didn't want to move. Hard headed I guess. But if you want to have some of the best top water action in the country this is the place.

Imagine fishing these top water baits in over 100 feet of water. We got lucky on the second day because the fish were busting shad right in front of us. The action lasted over 2 hours. What was funny was three boats moved in on us and couldn't reciprocate on the catch rate and size of the fish they just kept watching us to see what we were throwing. Luckily for us we hid our baits and kept burning them out there and catching better fish. I missed the cut by less than 2-1/2lbs.

So hope to see more guys out on the trail because we have the calibur of fisherman to compete against these California guys.
Posted by: bbrynteson - Ex Member
Posted on: 10/25/04 at 01:38:31
Good Job Russ, I look forward to the report and snippets of the conversations you had with some of the Pro's.

Posted by: topjimmy - Ex Member
Posted on: 10/25/04 at 01:18:11
good job russ way to come back on the second day!
thats a nice jump up looking forward to hearing more
Posted by: RussBaker - Ex Member
Posted on: 10/24/04 at 02:53:51

Also forgot spoke to Arron Martins,Ish Monroe,Skeet Reese, Mark Tyler, Gary Dobyns and Takamiri Omori was there as well. You know the weather played a big factor, the weather went from the 90's a week ago to the 50's the week of the tourney with rain and wind up to 50mph.

While I was fishing with my day two Pro he told me a funny story about a friend of his who fished with Roland Martin at a tour event. Remind me to tell the club about it.

All of my fish on day two came on Lucky Craft baits.
Water temps were 63-65%. Weather on first and second days cloudy and 50-65% wind out of the south.
Caught over 20 fish on day two fishing over shad and trout schools. We had doubles on several times. Last year when I fished Shasta in July the fish were all caught on Skitter Pops & Torpedo's. During the tourney if you weren't throwing anything less than 5" you weren't getting hit.

Will give you rest at club meeting. Say Ha,Ha to Mr. Viagra Rich for me. Oh and my Senkbo was no problem due to the bait I was throwing made it real easy.

One of the biggest things that helped me during both the practice and the tourney was using two Ordella rods-The New Drop Shot and Skipping Rod. You got to check these two rods out they are awesome.
Posted by: larrys - Ex Member
Posted on: 10/24/04 at 02:32:14
Nice job Russ and some of us are eagerly wanting to do the same and will soon...till then we will live vicariously through you! Grin
Posted by: RussBaker - Ex Member
Posted on: 10/23/04 at 23:59:02
Hey Larry and all,

Thanks for the report.  I must say that my first day partner tottally screwed the pattern I found during pre-fish. I should have fished Pro at this event as I would have finished in the top 25. I found some stuff up the Squaw River no one else was fishing, but my first day partner was stuck on fishing his prefish spots in the Sac and the fishing sucked.  When are these Pro's ever going to learn how to source new water during the tourney and have a good chance to win the thing if they had the mental fortitude to try something different.

When you go as a backseater you have absolutely no control of the boat which I new going into this event but made the best of it. My first day Pro partner was Randy Potter-Maybe you have seen him, because I new who he was when I met up with him at the check in. Have you guys seen those Bowflex commercials a couple of years ago? He was the dark head guy who owned the company.

He barely caught an 8-14 limit the first day and I caught 4 fish with only one keeper. Tried a lot of stuff the guy fished way to fast, even faster than I normally fish if you can believe that. During my pre fish I stuck close to 12lbs in a couple of areas in the Squaw mostly on 4 inch Senko's on a Darter Head.

My 2nd day pairing was a guy from LA. And let me tell you something it was the best day on the water I have had in a long time. I had my limit by 9:30 and was culling by 10, all on top water.

I hope that I can share some of the things with the club at a meeting because I learned a ton of new techniques,baits and stories from the Pro's past that I think you would tottally enjoy.

Thanks for the support guys, in two years I am going Pro and fishing more of these events.
Posted by: larrys - Ex Member
Posted on: 10/23/04 at 03:11:09
Day two.....Russman moved up to 79th with 5 fish for 8.00 pounds!!! total of 9.07

Posted by: Nick - Ex Member
Posted on: 10/23/04 at 02:12:44
Alls Russ needs is to get a draw like Aron Martens. I know he had and average day but hes a good angler and will recover.
Posted by: Rich - Ex Member
Posted on: 10/22/04 at 21:54:15
Russ...take the VIAGRA...and rip some lips

Posted by: daryl_s. - Ex Member
Posted on: 10/22/04 at 21:04:04 115th out of 122 non-boaters
Posted by: Rob_Maglio - Ex Member
Posted on: 10/22/04 at 19:25:17
Is that 115th out of 115? Wonder what his boater is doing. Is there a site with that info?
Posted by: larrys - Ex Member
Posted on: 10/22/04 at 18:24:01
Hey club, Russ needs us to send him LOADS of positive energy at the BASS western open at Shasta as he is 115th in the non-boater division with 1.7 pounds for one fish!.........ready?.........set...


Let 'er rip Russ!! Grin