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Topic Summary - Displaying 15 post(s).
Posted by: Dipsnort - Ex Member
Posted on: 09/01/04 at 17:39:44
Group hug!!  Grin
Posted by: Russbaker - Ex Member
Posted on: 09/01/04 at 17:17:25
Hey Man,

I really miss the commaradie at the club and the great times at the tournaments. This year was not a good one for me financially and was not able to fish with you guys. So for the new guys enjoy every minute of it because it is a good club that takes more interest in teaching the aspects of the sport better than any club in the state. The guys are friendly, helpfull in getting you out of a bind, and generally care about each other. Count yourself lucky for many folks in other clubs don't have this kind of fun.

And yes the ribbing by the club members is just for fun. Know one should take it personally. Heck, I have done some in the recent past and have taken it as well. So be thankfull for it because if they didn't it would mean they just don't care. It makes us better fisherman.

I have had the opportunity to fish with many of the club members in the past and hope I can do it in the future.

You guys are allright in my book.

Thanks Again Glen for this great forum and for all those who participate in it.
Posted by: kholmes - Ex Member
Posted on: 09/01/04 at 15:19:41
One other thing to shoot out there is the amount of effort it required to have such a great potluck.  The ribs were great and the folks in charge of grilling did a great job.  Thanks again for taking charge and gettin' er done.  Lyle, Bob, Dave et al.....You know who you are, take a bow Wink Wink Wink  It was a very nice time.  Thaks for the libations, as well, Chris.

Posted by: rwfaz - Ex Member
Posted on: 09/01/04 at 05:06:36
Great job Bob!!! I can't wait to see more results, sounds like it was a great Tourney.
Posted by: Nick - Ex Member
Posted on: 09/01/04 at 02:51:12
Thanks Stu for the complanments! Made rookie errors the second day which cost me about 8 spots! But I learned from them! Didn't run into the numbers everyone else did! Stu was fun to have in the backseat and will be sure to have him their agian! Thanks all!
Posted by: Admin
Posted on: 08/31/04 at 18:47:31
...and thanks for the FREE BEER Chris!!   Grin Grin
Posted by: bbrynteson - Ex Member
Posted on: 08/31/04 at 18:18:50
Hey Bob

Sorry for the misinformation, when I heard that you had spent alot of time fishing Roosevelt and Long lake, I thought it was this year.  

I know several of the guys pre-fished and I just assumed.... Embarrassed

Once again Great Job, very impressive.

Oh, and please, we all know Chris, and the description is just not right, you left out he will be canonized later this fall!  Grin

Posted by: sarge - Ex Member
Posted on: 08/31/04 at 17:26:15
Bob, you're too much, man. I think anyone that knows me knows that you are making all of that up! Grin

I had a great time fishing with ya, and hopefully next time we can even improve on those weights!

Posted by: pays2no - Ex Member
Posted on: 08/31/04 at 17:00:08
Thanks Everyone for such kind words.  I really did have a great time at Lake Roosevelt.  The weather conditions couldn't have been more pleasant- low 80's & light wind.  There were a ton of fish caught by everyone making it even more enjoyable.  I wish more people could have made it over to enjoy this beautiful lake, but busy schedules and finances sometimes take precedence don't they.

I would like to thank Chris S. for being so pleasant and helpful during this tournament as my backseater.  Chris towed my boat to the tournament, helped net my fish, and was just an overall great guy to hang with-  Thanks Chris for all your help.

Just a quick clarification: I didn't fish Lake Roosevelt this year.  I did pre-fish last year however, and used that experience as my guide in finding fish this year.   Pre-fishing will always help because you are on the water and there is no subsitute for that.

Now it's off to the Potholes where we will see some really nice bags weighed in.  I hope to see everyone there.....It should be a really good time!

Posted by: StuK
Posted on: 08/31/04 at 05:01:08
Thank you guys and gals for everything this weekend. This was my first tournament ever and I had a great time and I learned a ton. I also caught some good fish, which was very nice.

Thanks especially to Nick for taking care of me all weekend and putting our boat on fish Friday (on Banks), where we caught so many big fish that I ended up at one point with 2 fish totalling over 3 lbs on one crankbait. Really, Nick took a picture of both of them still hanging one on each hook from my line.

And he put us on fish again on Saturday, when I wish you guys could have seen him fish to get that 8 lbs 8 oz first day. He caught them on top, suspending/feeding on baitfish and on the bottom. I think Western Bass has a really good fisherman coming up here.

I won't yammer on much more, but I was really impressed how nice everyone was to me and to each other. I look forward to participating in more tournaments with you guys.

Posted by: sarge - Ex Member
Posted on: 08/31/04 at 04:03:20
No prefishing for Mr. Payseno... He did it all on past years' info. I believe he may have fished there once in July this year.

It was great watching the Payseno-ator in action... he tore 'em up!

Posted by: bbrynteson - Ex Member
Posted on: 08/31/04 at 00:08:14
Actually Russ,  Bob did pre-fish the tournament and so did the second place finisher Mike Wolsky. 

Bob was impressive with just under 10 lbs both days and Mike came on like gang-busters the second day at almost 11 lbs to finish just short of Bob.

Pre-fishing does not guarantee any type of success, but it sure does not hurt.   The simple fact of knowing the body of water is always a plus.  The rest is up to the individual fisherman, his ability to adjust and a large dose of good fortune. 

But hey, I'm preaching to the choir here!!   8)

Posted by: kholmes - Ex Member
Posted on: 08/30/04 at 23:18:43
Did not pre-fish.  Strictly speaking with forked tounge to throw off the NG's.  Gotta keep'em thinking, need all the edge I can muster.  Go figure Grin

Posted by: Russbaker - Ex Member
Posted on: 08/30/04 at 23:10:31
Got Five,

Got Spanked!!! So much for a hot pre-fish. Just shows that pre-fishing doesn't guarantee anything for those that count on it. Lessons worth noting for all who pre-fish and count on it. I know I have had the same thing happen in the past-find hords of fish during practice and then they disappear.

Congrats to Bob Payseno.
Posted by: kholmes - Ex Member
Posted on: 08/30/04 at 22:54:33
We had a great time at Roosevelt this weekend.  EVERYONE caught fish and the weather was perfect.  Congrats to Bob Paysano and the NG's who continue to be consistent with great catches.  One of the neatest things to see is how adaptable the anglers in our club are becoming.  The group at the top of the Roosevelt standings, let all of us know that they made adjustments to their fishing during the event, that made a difference to their catch rate.  I am impressed with the knowledge and how easy it is for them to make decisions on the fly and turn that into success.  Congrats to all of those who finished well.