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Topic Summary - Displaying 9 post(s).
Posted by: rwfaz - Ex Member
Posted on: 05/18/04 at 05:51:18
Good Job Larry and Bill..... way to go!!!
Posted by: larrys - Ex Member
Posted on: 05/18/04 at 03:45:45
Anglers Marine and the Fishing and Hunting News should be doin something edition is due out on the 4th...i think...
Posted by: Dave_Jarrell - Ex Member
Posted on: 05/17/04 at 23:22:25
Larry, do you know if they will post the results on the internet?
Posted by: Admin
Posted on: 05/17/04 at 17:36:01
Sweeet.  Grin
Posted by: jim_shaffer - Ex Member
Posted on: 05/17/04 at 16:52:59
Great job guys!!
Posted by: Dave_Jarrell - Ex Member
Posted on: 05/17/04 at 15:04:39
Way to go Larry and Bill  !!!!
Posted by: rob_maglio - Ex Member
Posted on: 05/17/04 at 13:44:23
Congrats Dude!!
Posted by: sarge - Ex Member
Posted on: 05/16/04 at 00:46:17
Way to go Larry and Bill!!! Excellent job. Dat's the way to REPRESENT!

Thanks for the report  Grin

Posted by: larrys - Ex Member
Posted on: 05/16/04 at 00:16:28
Hey Clubbers for those who did not go to Tri-Cities and even if you did here is what happened with me and Bill Brynteson as we solely defended Western Bass Club against the evil forces of the Hobbs family and yes, lets cut to the chase....Ron Hobbs Sr. Biggest bass of 6.4 pounds and one hour winner for aprox $14.000 in motor and change and Ron Hobbs Jr. Three one hour winnings and Biggest Bag of 21+ pounds for around $1500.00 or so and as for us......
Bill B.- 2nd place in his hour for a 4.08 Smally at $110.00 and stuff worth around $100.00
Larry S.- 1st place for my hour with a 4.48 Largie for $220.00 a rod and reel combo and other stuff worth about another $110.00!
Plus Western will have a member on the cover of Fishing and Hunting News!
Fishing was very tough as the wind and clouds made conventional sight fishing near impossible for all who did not switch to dropshotting and Bill stuck to our areas we pre-fished and where we spotted bedding fish and had we not known the exact location of the beds we would have been in big trouble, but a great time and result.
Only had about 90+ anglers so for a $70.00 entry I will definitley be back next year and hope you do too.