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Tournament Rules question...
07/18/21 at 03:41:41
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I was thumbing through the Tournament Rules the other day and noticed the phrase "All bass must be caught in a conventional and sporting manner."

If ever there was a sentence open for interpretation, it's probably this one.  For example;

1)  When using a drop-shot in deep water, can the trolling motor be used to slowly maintain the boat in a certain depth... or is moving the bait with motor assist illegal like in B.A.S.S. rules?

2)  Is trolling allowed?

3)  The use of the "Rev. Rig"?

4)  Long-lining crankbaits?

I could probably go on... but I'm just wondering if  a little bit more "guidance" should be given in the rules as to techniques that are considered "conventional and sporting".

I'm sure the board has discussed this, and I'd be curious to know why fishing "Techniques" in the tournament rules is rather vague.  I checked a lot of other bass clubs and their rules vary greatly.  Just thinking out loud. 
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