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Cast4kids and Take a Warrior Fishing
07/01/20 at 14:14:44
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Please sign up if you think you can make it.  This won't interfere with the Lake Roosevelt tournament. 

Hello Boaters and Shore Volunteers,

I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy during this crazy time. I wanted to reach out to you and let you know that I have opened registration for our C.A.S.T. for Kids Lake Washington Event on September 12th, our Take a Warrior Fishing Event on September 26th and our new event at JBLM  which is a combo of Warriors who have kids with special needs on August 29th. Of course this is all pending as a state we are open enough to host events here. We will be sure to follow all CDC and Washington State guidelines regarding COVID at the time of the events.  As always we appreciate you all so much and everything you do for the foundation!

For the JBLM event if you register online with me ahead of time, there will be no background checks, we will everyone on a special list but they have to be on that list by August 1st to be excluded from the checks.  If you have questions about this please let me know.  This event will also be a little different, they asked to start earlier and then go out in 3 “waves”  So we will have about 15 families go out for an hour and then come back and then another 15. We are planning it this way to avoid having too many people in the area at time assuming we get to stage 3 of re-opening.

Here are the links to register


C.A.S.T. Lake Washington :

TWF Lake Washington:

I really hope for another successful year and hopefully we will get these events in this year!

Bernadette Darby
Operations Manager & NW Regional Director
C.A.S.T. For Kids Foundation
Take a Warrior Fishing I Fishing Kids
2755 Commercial St. SE, Suite 101
Salem, OR 97302
“Enriching the lives of children with special  needs, supporting their families, and strengthening communities through the sport of fishing”


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Re: Cast4kids and Take a Warrior Fishing
Reply #1 - 07/02/20 at 07:12:33
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I have registered as a volunteer boater for all three events. We at Western Bass Club have over the years provided the greatest number of volunteers, lets keep that going! For you new members who may not own a boat there are the roles of shore help to full fill too. Get involved ,these are personal rewarding events!!

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Re: Cast4kids and Take a Warrior Fishing
Reply #2 - 07/30/20 at 20:21:59
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August 29th event cancelled per email from CAST.
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