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Just saw this on the Bass Federation website...
04/20/20 at 07:19:22
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Dez Ruffin, President of the Washington Bass Feberation (TBF) posted this on their site....

Given our Governor's recent statement I believe that WSBF has no other choice but to postpone indefinitely our annual state Jamboree that was scheduled for the Memorial Day weekend.  I will be looking to put on another qualifying event for the anglers that are still wanting to participate in the TBF Semi Finals which is “currently” scheduled for October 3rd on lake Roosevelt.   This decision has been very frustrating and painful for me to make as your state President. I personally do not like the ideal of motivating anglers to come into rural communities like Electric City (Grant County) and pull from their resources.  The local grocery stores, gas stations  & food chains are the only options for the locals that reside in Grant County.  We do not want our hobbies to impact these rural communities while we are doing such a great good of staying home and practicing social distancing at this time.  I will continue to provide everyone with any updates or new developments through these challenging times.

Sad times especially for the 50th anniversary of this great event...
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