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04/19/20 at 07:37:21
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Copied from Nixon's Marine Facebook page.

Gerald (Jerry) Allen Rohr, born March 20, 1940 in Monmouth, IL to Joseph G Rohr and Elizabeth G Wells, passed away peacefully March 23, 2020.  His wife, Caryn, and his beloved cat, Willie, were at his side.
Jerry has touched so many lives, it's not easy finding a starting point.  Jerry was an avid, dedicated Bass Fisherman, and like everything he did, he became the best. And he would let you know it, too. Jerry, and his Brother, Bill, discovered bass fishing while trout fishing at a small lake in Snohomish Co, WA. They came home from that fateful fishing trip, excited because they had talked to a night fisherman that was going out after bass.  We went to our first Western Bass Club Meeting in Seattle, and that's all it took. Jerry was hooked!
Jerry had an Oldsmobile hot rod that he built and he was racing at SIR Raceway in Kent WA. He had so many trophies that he started donating them to the local racing clubs. His racing adventure ended when his son, Chris, was born.
Jerry had several jobs before finding his true calling of Sales Representative. In the early 1960's, he worked with his Father-in-law, who managed a Christmas tree farm. We had the most beautiful Christmas trees, Jerry would mark one for us, and take extra care in shaping it.
He spent a brief time working at a saw mill in Olympia, WA. He was rolling the logs as they floated in from the canal into the mill. One evening he fell into the water between the logs, and that ended his mill career.
He worked at Western Cabinet & Millwork in Kirkland, WA for a time, until he pulled a fork off the lift he was driving and broke his toe. That was the end of his fork driving career.
He then collaborated with an acquaintance who was starting up a company to build bass boats. Jerry helped with the design, and then became the company salesman for Bass King.
Jerry met Ted Wilcox in early 1970's. Ted was also an avid hunter, fisherman and Sports Writer. He was Jerry’s mentor. Jerry and Ted would spend hours discussing the sales aspect of business, and became quite close. Jerry became Ted's top Sales Representative, for many years. After Ted's death, Jerry and Caryn formed JCR & Associates. Success with Sevylor and many other sporting goods products, allowed them to travel the world and form many enduring friendships across the country.
Along with bass fishing, Jerry enjoyed varmint hunting, and having the best Christmas Light display in Cottage Grove.
Jerry loved houseboating/fishing at Lake Powell and Dorena Lake. He also loved music and being able to share it with others (usually loudly) always made him happy.
Jerry leaves behind loving Family and Friends, and we want you to join this page in celebrating Jerry with sharing your memories, stories, photos and thoughts.

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