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You might be a Bass Angler if........
11/06/02 at 16:49:59
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I came up with some of these last year just goofing around one day. I never got a chance to put anything together with them though. So let's see what people come up with.....Here's mine

You might be a Bass Angler if......

-You ever showed up to a weigh-in with a Zara Spook stuck in your face

-Your bass boat is faster or worth more than your truck

-You have three or more subscriptions to fishing magazines

-You've been to the Emergency room to remove a hook....after weigh-in

-You know what Smelly Jelly tastes like

-Your alarm clock has ever been set fo 3:00 a.m.......on a weekend!

-You have a largemouth in your aquarium

-You have purchused the Banjo Minnow or Flying lure from t.v.

-Your favorite movie stars are Bill Dance and Hank Parker

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Larry S.
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Re: You might be a Bass Angler if........
Reply #1 - 11/06/02 at 19:55:35
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how's these....
You ask the Dr. to weigh your new child on your club scale in a weigh bag...

You call your wife "my little backseater" or...husband....

All the cats in your neighborhood have hook marks......Virgil.....

When the contractor asks why you want vaulted ceilings you scoff..."Because I switched to 7ft rods you idiot!".....Ron and Don understand this....

Your cat is named "backlash" the dogs name is "Shimano" The kids names are......need i say more.....

You invite your Folks to dinner to meet the love of your a boat dealership.....

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