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2 547 Last Post 03/08/21 at 13:13:20
By: Ray R.
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Football Head Pro Tip by Western's Kai Wikstrom
Pro Pointer by Western's Kai Wikstrom.

Started 04/01/20 at 18:21:54 by Tiger Shark
1 601 Last Post 04/02/20 at 18:45:54
By: kwikstrom24
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Papa Pete's or Chico's Pizza
Which pizza is better Papa Pete's at Silver Lake or Chico's at Potholes.
I lean towards Papa Pete's.

Started 03/28/20 at 17:38:03 by Tiger Shark
2 576 Last Post 03/29/20 at 09:07:10
By: Tiger Shark
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Free Fall Rig
Anybody tried a Free Fall Rig? Bed fishing?

Started 01/23/20 at 19:14:20 by Tiger Shark
0 428 Last Post 01/23/20 at 19:14:20
By: Tiger Shark
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Do people prefer braid, mono, or fluoro for flipping jigs?

Started 11/22/19 at 20:23:05 by Tiger Shark
2 707 Last Post 11/28/19 at 09:28:58
By: Rodney H
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Hey, where'd all the bass go?
Ok, so I see that my local largemouth lake is being overtaken by milfoil in the last couple of weeks and when I fished there yesterday the bass had seemingly dissappeared from their typical hiding pla...

Started 07/22/04 at 18:58:16 by Dipsnort (Ex Member)
9 2668 Last Post 07/23/04 at 22:20:11
By: gotfive - Ex Member
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Senkos vs. "other leading brands"
I've been finding several Senko "type" baits out there like Stick-O (Bass Pro Shop), Hawg Caller (Cabela's), Tiki baits and another called "Benko".  I've fished with Senkos in the past and had success...

Started 02/12/04 at 23:49:40 by Bax (Ex Member)
4 1702 Last Post 02/24/04 at 05:19:50
By: S._Basser - Ex Member
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Poll: Monofilament
Hey Folks, just a little diddy on Monofilament lines as we have lots of new members and visitors that might be interested in what to try or use. You can vote for multiples as some folks use different ...

Started 07/01/04 at 02:28:00 by Larry S. (Ex Member)
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15 4325 Last Post 11/17/04 at 23:15:57
By: Rob M. - Ex Member
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Night Fishing - Gear & Safety Equipment ?
i fished for the first time a night, and it was great!  i would like to do more of it, especially with this hot weather we are having.
i have a few questions regarding night fishing.  what safety...

Started 07/23/06 at 04:24:55 by T_Dot (Ex Member)
4 1562 Last Post 02/04/07 at 18:18:18
By: Hooter
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Up Sizing Soft Plastics ?
I am catching alot of 2+ lbs fish, and would like to catching something a little bigger.
Dont get me wrong, nothing is wrong with catching 2 pounders, but I also would like to eliminate alot of t...

Started 07/08/06 at 01:06:40 by T_Dot (Ex Member)
4 1553 Last Post 07/14/06 at 23:59:24
By: Chris B. - Ex Member
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RIP Baits
Have any of you had success using jerk baits in the fall?  I have had marginal success, but have done way better in the late summer/fall season throwing crankbaits.  Thanks,

Started 09/02/04 at 15:05:46 by gotfive (Ex Member)
5 2187 Last Post 09/03/04 at 15:50:55
By: Daryl_S. - Ex Member
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new drop shot knot
As most of you know, I'm a firefighter, and as luck would have it, have been added to the technical rescue team.  We went thru a bunch of rope rescue training recently, and learned a BUNCH of new knot...

Started 03/19/04 at 17:03:58 by marktfd88 (Ex Member)
13 3773 Last Post 01/28/05 at 04:31:41
By: Dipsnort - Ex Member
Normal Topic
Fish finding techniques
I realize for every time of year there are differant things to look for when finding fish.
What I would like to hear is how you would find fish today on a lake that you  have never fished and wi...

Started 06/13/03 at 21:27:49 by Jim_Shaffer (Ex Member)
9 2731 Last Post 01/02/06 at 18:41:30
By: Sarge - Ex Member
Hot Topic (More than 10 Replies)
Weedless wacky hooks
Need some help from someone out there with a better memory than mine!  SadI had ordered some weedless wacky hooks online a couple years ago. They had a similar bend to the Falcons but were available in...

Started 05/23/07 at 13:18:02 by kelleybob (Ex Member)
14 4922 Last Post 06/27/07 at 22:03:43
By: Chris B.
Normal Topic
Boob Jigs

Started 01/06/13 at 02:41:16 by Rodney H
1 3796 Last Post 01/06/13 at 04:00:09
By: Chris B.
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Must have DVD
Wow this must be the best Bass fishing DVD ever †Cheesy

Started 09/24/10 at 19:20:39 by BassAholic
This topic contains 1 attachment
1 1072 Last Post 09/24/10 at 19:29:42
By: Kevin_B
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Z man Craw
Anybody try the Zman TRD Craw. Neutral Bouyant.

Started 10/25/18 at 18:28:05 by Tiger Shark
1 1020 Last Post 10/26/18 at 18:08:55
By: Joe S
Normal Topic
What Line & Technique to use with baitcast combo
Hey folks,
Everyone has an opinion and I would like to hear yours.  a few weeks ago I won a Bass Pro Shops Bionic Blade Micro 7' Medium Fast rod and Bionic Plus 6.3:1 reel.  The rod has micro gui...

Started 04/13/16 at 18:54:56 by TimWard
4 2429 Last Post 04/15/16 at 10:48:30
By: Rodney H
Normal Topic
swim jigs
What are your favorite swim jigs to use?  Color and size?

Started 05/17/17 at 16:29:09 by derik
1 1926 Last Post 05/18/17 at 21:28:34
By: DrFish
Normal Topic
Big swimbaits
Iím trying to get into big swimbaits any suggestions on affordable swimbaits that work and when and where to work them??? Thank you!!

Started 07/08/18 at 16:21:47 by Bass Slayer
2 1691 Last Post 08/09/18 at 07:58:57
By: Chris B.
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