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jack and jill at potholes
My wife and I choose to go to Potholes for the jack and jill this past weekend for alittle fun in the sun with no kids and limited cell use. NorthEnd did agreat job on the tourny lots and lots of grea...

Started 07/24/07 at 01:12:56 by Tubetric
5 1354 Last Post 07/26/07 at 05:34:25
By: basspro - Ex Member
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3 Lakes in 2days
Went to Eastern WA to see what real summer weather feels like. We camped at Lincoln Rock State park in Wenatchee A very nice park. We got there Tuesday 8/14/07 about 2pm it was very hot 90+ yes warm I...

Started 08/21/07 at 17:25:50 by BassAholic
1 1091 Last Post 08/27/07 at 20:50:18
By: Man_with_a_view - Ex Member
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[m]: Potholes/Moses pre-fish....
This WBC Internal Matters [move by] Larry S..
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Another YouTube scudfshmn Production....
Here is the video I made for May...no music, just could'nt find anything to go with it.

Started 05/30/12 at 15:01:55 by Larry S.
3 1127 Last Post 06/06/12 at 00:41:52
By: Hooter
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Anyone need a campsite for Northend Jack-n-Jill??
I made a reservations for the Northend Bass Club's Jack-N-Jill tournament on July 25-26th (Fri-Sat nites 24th-25th) At Coulee Playland and due to other circumstances I cannot go but I have site#8 in t...

Started 06/02/15 at 10:07:53 by Larry S.
2 2157 Last Post 06/25/15 at 18:16:37
By: Larry S.
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April 12th 13th on Banks
Met my dad from Spokane at 6:30am for a day of fishing on banks. Launched from Coulee city. Came out of the bay and hit big white caps and wind. I slowly cruised around for about an hour and it just d...

Started 04/14/03 at 04:35:17 by Hunter (Ex Member)
0 457 Last Post 04/14/03 at 03:35:17
By: Hunter - Ex Member
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April Heaven
I have to agree with Russ on the Potholes v. Silver in April.  After having competed many times succesfully in the April Silver Lake WBC Open, I would have to argue that the weather compl...

Started 03/09/04 at 00:48:20 by gotfive (Ex Member)
8 1800 Last Post 03/10/04 at 21:18:35
By: gotfive - Ex Member
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Headed over to the Potholes for the weekend. Had to leave due to the wind. Made an educated guess and left for Banks Friday around noon. It was the right decision to make. Fishing was good. Biggest we...

Started 10/10/05 at 00:37:10 by Xsftballer
2 897 Last Post 10/13/05 at 00:47:20
By: Xsftballer
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Banks 2009
My buddies and I fished Banks on Sunday and Monday.  A cold front came through and made the bite tough.  There were a lot less bites, but the quality of fish were much better with a lot more 2-3lb fis...

Started 06/10/09 at 06:33:36 by Y2SAYS
0 598 Last Post 06/10/09 at 06:33:36
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Banks for the 11th & 12th
Spent the weekend at Banks. Twenty two smallies with half of them keepers by 11 am on saturday morning. Biggest just under 3. Sunday morning fished for largies and smallies. 10-12 up to 3-1/2 lbs. Som...

Started 06/13/05 at 15:15:26 by RussBaker (Ex Member)
2 870 Last Post 06/19/05 at 18:31:37
By: REDCHAMP - Ex Member
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Banks Lake
Hi Y'all,
In what is becoming an October tradition, Rick Gagliardi and I tromped over to Banks Lake for three days this past weekend. With blue Triton and large motorhome on the road, we were exc...

Started 10/15/02 at 00:39:17 by sarge (Ex Member)
0 388 Last Post 10/14/02 at 23:39:17
By: sarge - Ex Member
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Banks Lake
Fished Banks on Sunday and Monday.  First time there, so I talk to Larry S. before I headed out there.  He gave a few places to start.  Thanks Larry.  First wind swept point I hit.  5 casts, 3 small m...

Started 06/04/03 at 17:14:07 by marktfd88 (Ex Member)
5 1168 Last Post 06/09/03 at 05:44:42
By: marktfd88 - Ex Member
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Banks Lake
Last Sunday and Monday my friend, his wife and 3 yr old son stayed at Steamboat and had a pretty decent days of fishing.  Fishing was tough at times, but we still had a few quality fish.  Water temp w...

Started 06/27/11 at 05:07:02 by Y2SAYS
This topic contains 4 attachments
13 3267 Last Post 07/17/11 at 15:21:35
By: brokentrail
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Banks Lake
Hi All,
I'm heading over to Banks this week and have never been there before.  Can anyone share some pointers?  I have a map of the lake but I also want to know of any hazards to avoid or be on t...

Started 06/24/06 at 15:24:38 by Bax (Ex Member)
4 6002 Last Post 07/08/06 at 01:56:23
By: Nick_Barr - Ex Member
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Banks Lake
I want to schedule a trip to Banks for June or July. Does anyone know the tournament schedules for the lake so I can avoid those weekends ? Should I just call Coulee Playland?

Started 03/15/06 at 16:22:33 by Varmint (Ex Member)
5 1065 Last Post 03/16/06 at 20:28:11
By: Varmint - Ex Member
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Banks Lake - I am up and OUT!!!
Hey y'all,
Heading out the door right now to do a little laid back camping and fishing at Banks Lake. Weather looks awesome and I'm pumped! I'll come back with a report for you scholarship tourne...

Started 09/29/06 at 17:32:48 by Sarge (Ex Member)
4 1045 Last Post 10/02/06 at 23:12:42
By: Sarge - Ex Member
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Banks Lake and Jamborree pics.
Heres some pics of the fishin and stuff.

Started 06/06/11 at 04:24:24 by Larry S.
8 2048 Last Post 06/07/11 at 05:14:53
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Banks Lake Report
Hello all,
I spent Friday and Saturday over at Banks, prefishing for the NW tourney with my Dad. Friday was productive since the weather was good...water temp 39-42. caught 7 smallies, 3 in the 2...

Started 03/27/05 at 04:44:53 by dgarrett (Ex Member)
0 691 Last Post 03/27/05 at 04:44:53
By: dgarrett - Ex Member
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Banks Lake Report!
Hey there! Dave Altier at Coulee Playland says that with the mild weather...even there!, they still have smallies biting like crazy and for some reason the Burbot bite is going nuts....I think the bur...

Started 12/20/04 at 20:20:56 by Larry S. (Ex Member)
4 1071 Last Post 12/24/04 at 01:29:57
By: Sarge - Ex Member
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Banks Lake September....
I will be staying at Banks after the tournament on the 21st for a week and if anyone can make it lets all get together and have a last fling of summer!! I'm staying in space 43 so call Playland and ge...

Started 07/14/13 at 17:42:50 by Larry S.
0 581 Last Post 07/14/13 at 17:42:50
By: Larry S.
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