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Topic Summary - Displaying 11 post(s).
Posted by: Rodney H
Posted on: 12/28/20 at 07:43:26
Looks good!  Smiley
Posted by: derik
Posted on: 12/26/20 at 10:56:39
What do you think of this as a schedule? 

March 20 st clair
April 10 black lake
May 8 lawrence lake
June 12 lake pattison
July 10 ohop lake
August 14 american
September 11 lake sawyer
October 9 lake Sammamish
Posted by: Y2SAYS
Posted on: 10/19/20 at 18:45:44
One night one is fine.
Posted by: Rodney H
Posted on: 10/18/20 at 10:20:48
derik wrote on 10/17/20 at 19:23:40:
Do you guys like the idea of having a night fish in?

My preference is day time.
Posted by: derik
Posted on: 10/17/20 at 19:23:40
Do you guys like the idea of having a night fish in?
Posted by: TimWard
Posted on: 10/07/20 at 19:08:19
Alder and American anytime
Posted by: Rodney H
Posted on: 10/07/20 at 05:58:45
Black Lake in the spring.
Posted by: Larry S.
Posted on: 10/02/20 at 07:33:03
St. Clair March or April.....
Posted by: Hooter
Posted on: 10/02/20 at 02:30:56
Pattison, late spring.
Posted by: JeffTriton
Posted on: 09/26/20 at 20:14:13
I like Spanaway Lake and Lawrence. Month don't matter to me probably cheeper if we did Spanaway early in the year before they start charging to get in.
Lawrence seems to produce year around.
Posted by: derik
Posted on: 09/26/20 at 19:50:23
Looking for everyones input on fish in lakes for the 2021 season.  If you have a lake that you would like to fish please post it along with the prefered month here.