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Topic Summary - Displaying 3 post(s).
Posted by: Ron K
Posted on: 09/16/20 at 15:42:15
I wasn't necessarily thinking of a class.  Maybe the posting of signs along the side of the lineup area.  OR maybe when you pay to launch. 

Worth mentioning, I contacted the city of Renton and of course I don't get an email back.  Does anyone have a contact for the person that manages the boat ramp at Coulon?  Possible I simply wait until next year when COVID has passed and things return to normal, but was hoping to start the slow wheels in motion.
Posted by: derik
Posted on: 09/11/20 at 16:43:39
I think that this is a great idea.  But wonder how many would actually admit that they need the class.  Those of us that fish on a regular basis know about common courtesy ect.  It does seem like this year there have been way more people out on the water.  I myself was thinking a class for backing a boat trailer into the water would be something that lots of boaters need.
Posted by: Ron K
Posted on: 09/11/20 at 09:36:31
I was a member of this club years ago, but has been so many years since I posted I guess my account was removed. Smiley 

I am putting a post up here because I would like to get thoughts from people in this club that I know are passionate about the area and improving fishing/boating in the community.

Over the last couple of years I have noticed the boat launch at Coulon getting even crazier than in the past, which I thought was impossible.  By crazy I mean long lines and the typical conflicts that have erupted going back years and years when many of us got to see our grandpa's get in arguments at the boat launch.   Smiley

I would like to get thoughts on kicking off an education campaign that I am willing to volunteer to run if there is a general feeling this is a good idea and possible it would make a positive difference.  Possible this is too big of a mountain to climb and I am open to that as well.

Specifically, I would like to improve the issue of people blocking the loading lanes, and to a lesser extent the unloading lanes.  I am not even talking abut the "complex" and "confusing" things like prepping ahead and moving out of the way quickly when your boat is loaded.  I am talking BASICS! 

Specific single problem to address: People are blocking the lanes.  Somewhere along the line people got to thinking they should pull their boat up to the dock and that lane is reserved for them to unload. THEN, the person with the trailer walks to God only know where, and is stuck in line for however long.  In the meantime, their boat is blocking and no one can use that lane creating total grid lock. Then person with trailer is frustrated and they try to skip the line at which time all **** breaks lose.

Have efforts to address this been tried in the past?  Does anyone have links or pictures of examples of what has been posted at other boat ramp facilities or what education programs cities and counties have implemented to improve this awareness so people know NOT to block lanes and instead hold boats in a staging areas away from the lanes?

General thoughts?