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Topic Summary - Displaying 11 post(s).
Posted by: Elway4lyfe
Posted on: 09/25/19 at 11:57:24
Thank you larry
Posted by: Larry S.
Posted on: 09/25/19 at 10:38:59
Here is what I submitted as it has to be 1000 carachters or less...

I have a problem with the removal of all limits of these gamefish as they have a management place in the ecosystem where they keep Yellow Perch, Red Eye Rock Bass and other pan fish/forage fish in check where if not managed by predation, would quickly destroy the very food source the Salmon Smolt require to grow before they migrate to the salt water.  Southern Orca who I believe predate mainly on Chinook Salmon rather than Coho or other smaller Salmon which should require a change in the wording from Salmon Smolts which is vague to Chinook Salmon Smolts thus making less of an impact on the affected lakes and streams on the list of implementation of this rule change. We all want better Salmon runs and better survivability of the Orca population but to adversely effect these other species, possibly causing ecosystem imbalance could be more costly to the Smolt survival.
Posted by: Larry S.
Posted on: 09/25/19 at 09:52:30
Well.... I attended the public comment session in Mill Creek last night and have to say the WDFW biologists are as frustrated as we are... they were given marching orders from the legislature that have basically, little to no wiggle room for them to change as they are mandated by an RCW..... below is the RCW they identified as the one that gives them directive to develop the policy of removing limits on all three of the fish species we do have word interpretation on our side... the term LIBERALIZATION as used gives the WDFW the option to either eliminate all limits (which they have done in the past) or utilize a change in bag limits (say 10 fish limits vs no limits) to follow the directive....
Also the term SALMON SMOLTS should have been listed as CHINOOK SALMON SMOLTS which is the primary forage of the southern Orca Whale population..... and if this terminology was used would make the lake total count be 12-14 lakes and streams instead of the 148 lakes and streams.... so this is what we need to comments on CONSTRUCTIVELY.... as you all know I have a tendency to get upset and spout off at times and after talking to Steve the biologist who ran the meeting... constructive comment and focus on attainable goals are the key so please be civil. also if you cannot be at one of the meetings please comment on the WDFW website!!!!

NEW SECTION. Sec. 2. A new section is added to chapter 77.0811 RCW 12 to read as follows: The commission shall adopt rules to liberalize bag limits for 13... bass, walleye, and channel catfish in all anadromous waters of the 14... state in order to reduce the predation risk to salmon smolts
Posted by: Elway4lyfe
Posted on: 09/20/19 at 10:38:30
Take a warrior fishing
Cast for kids
  Not only do we give back financially we give back to the community without ever being broadcast on the news or looking for accolades for what we do as bass clubs in this state
Posted by: Elway4lyfe
Posted on: 09/20/19 at 07:18:09
so people on the fence, or just don't want to write in, know....Articles read bass caught in these lake are expected to be killed and not returned to lake. If bass populations arent signifincally reduced or eliminated they will use other means to eliminate. IE bounty's or other methods which I can only imagine. Yes this may be for not. But I couldn't live with myself if I said nothing and they do this. We need not bitch but each person tell a different story about what affect it has on you. What bass fishing means to you. Most of these people are oblivious to our world. Theres 5 lakes on here minutes from my house. My daughter cant say after school "dad lets run to tannawax or kapowsin or ohop, or rife and fish for couple hours" This whole thing hurts me pretty bad. Hope as many write in as possible. I will be bringing my girlfriends daughter to tell her experiences as well.
Posted by: Y2SAYS
Posted on: 09/19/19 at 13:08:24
I'll probably be riding down there with Russ Baker.
Posted by: kwikstrom24
Posted on: 09/19/19 at 10:26:35
Ill be at the Mill Creek meeting on Tuesday. We cannot let this happen.
Posted by: Elway4lyfe
Posted on: 09/19/19 at 08:47:55
I am also calling Russ this morning  To see what I can do to help. I will be there in  Person with whoever is going down there
Posted by: Elway4lyfe
Posted on: 09/18/19 at 19:52:23
If a tournament state will want all bass to not be returned
Posted by: Elway4lyfe
Posted on: 09/18/19 at 19:51:29
Bass caught will be expected to be killed.

See attached images for a list of lakes that will be impacted by this proposal.
Posted by: Elway4lyfe
Posted on: 09/18/19 at 19:50:31
IMPORTANT PLEASE SHARE - We need YOU to represent Warm Water Fisheries at one of the meetings below. HB1579 promises to have severe impact on Warm Water Fisheries, especially on bass anglers and tournaments in Washington State. We all need to show up and be heard. You can review and comment on this proposal on-line as well and we encourage you to DO BOTH! Submit comments and be present at one of the meetings to be heard.

This proposal impacts Over 100 Washington Lakes, many of which have no Salmon runs.

When you attend one of the meetings it is important to be calm, cool, and collected. Attacks and shouting will get us ignored, having only negative impact. We need to show that we are also concerned about salmon and want to know how we can help while also preserving our Warm Water Fisheries. Speak to how Bass fishing has impacted your life, talk about how this will impact businesses such as boat sales and service, tackle, truck sales... how it will reduce tax revenue through reduced fishing licenses, boat sales, truck sales, launch and tournament fees. Offer thoughtful comments on possible alternative ways to address the issues that help Salmon without hurting Warm Water Fisheries.

To review and comment on the proposals, visit WDFWs website at The public can comment on the proposed rules at the meetings or online through Oct. 17.

-Mill Creek: 6 to 8 p.m., Tuesday, Sept. 24, at WDFWs Mill Creek office, 16018 Mill Creek Blvd.

-Olympia: 5 to 7 p.m., Thursday, Sept. 26, at the NaturalResources Building, Room 175 A, 1111 Washington St. SE.

-Ridgefield: 6 to 8 p.m., Monday, Sept. 30, at WDFWs Ridgefield office, 5525 S 11th St.

-Ephrata: 6 to 8 p.m., Tuesday, Oct. 1, at the Grant County Public Works Department, public meeting room, Enterprise St. SE.

-Spokane: 6 to 8 p.m., Wednesday, Oct. 2, at WDFWs Spokane office, 2315 N. Discovery Pl., Spokane Valley.