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Topic Summary - Displaying 15 post(s).
Posted by: Larry S.
Posted on: 07/19/13 at 23:37:37
Bring any chairs you might want to sit on outside of the camp tables there wont be much!!!!
I will bring two awnings for shade and some extra chairs.
Posted by: LaRoja
Posted on: 07/19/13 at 16:34:21
I will be there, with two more.
You don't turn 75 often, nobody should miss it.
Posted by: karl7feet - Ex Member
Posted on: 07/19/13 at 13:30:49
Directions to Vasa park

There is road construction on West Lake Sammamish Parkway which only allows north bound traffic from I-90 up to just past Vasa park. 

The easiest way to get to the park is to take exit 13 off of I-90, east or west bound, and head towards the lake.  Go through the round-a-bout/traffic circle heading towards Redmond and continuing onto West Lake Sammamish Parkway.

Go about one mile through the construction zone and you will see Vasa park on the right.  There is a great deal of parking on the left, or West side of West Lake Sammamish Parkway.  Once you get in the parking area go to the right over on the grass and there is a very large area that goes way back up away from the road to park.

See you all there!
Posted by: DanM - Ex Member
Posted on: 07/11/13 at 17:07:44
I will be in Detroit that week. Hope you all have a great time.
Posted by: Jeff_I
Posted on: 07/08/13 at 01:43:51
Congratulations to the best bass club in America !!!!

I wish I could be there but we are departing to Austin, Texas.

God bless !!!!

Jeff Iacchei
Posted by: basspro - Ex Member
Posted on: 07/06/13 at 15:49:29
Bummer I am in Idaho fishing the Couer D' Alene Classic.
Posted by: Larry S.
Posted on: 07/01/13 at 04:17:06
I am going....solo.
Posted by: Rodney H
Posted on: 07/01/13 at 01:05:13
MEMBERS and GUESTS, who and how many are attending? Please post or let us know!
Posted by: karl7feet - Ex Member
Posted on: 06/13/13 at 14:18:40

The two people I have been talking with at Vasa park are Susie and Walt Winkowski.  Give them a call and see if they have any camping spots left.  Their number is 425 746-3260.
Posted by: bassparagus
Posted on: 06/13/13 at 06:20:33
Vassa Park does have camping.  I am not sure if they still have spots available though.

Posted by: Larry S.
Posted on: 06/12/13 at 22:35:05
And if ya wanna camp...the KOA is in Kent still....and lake Sawyer Resort has camping.
Posted by: Terry
Posted on: 06/12/13 at 18:57:49
Mr. Smith, there are always places to stay.  My house is always available...
Posted by: DUNE HOPPER
Posted on: 06/12/13 at 17:50:42
Thanks for the info Larry.  I guess this old member will not be attending due to lack of a camping area. Cry

AKA Dune Hopper
Posted by: Larry S.
Posted on: 06/10/13 at 21:36:55
No it is now on Lake Sammamish at Vasa Park.
Posted by: DUNE HOPPER
Posted on: 06/10/13 at 21:23:02
I see this is on the 20th of July?  Is this going to be at Banks Lake during the Jack N Jill? or-------?

Smitty Wink

AKA Dune Hopper