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Topic Summary - Displaying 6 post(s).
Posted by: Daryl
Posted on: 03/25/08 at 17:38:44
Current Point Standing after 2 events

American Bass Regional Points Report
Region: Washington West
Season Year: 2008
Last Update: 3/24/2008

Place Team Name Total Points Team Category
1 John Cooper & Greg Johnson 216 Adult/Adult
1 Marc Marcantonio & Michael Matkowski 216 Adult/Adult
2 Gabe Lowe & Tom Librande 212 Adult/Adult
3 John Davis & Jaymee Strasbauh 208 Adult/Adult
3 Rob Flowers & Jeff Abbott 208 Adult/Adult
4 Eric Delay & Walter Bell 207 Adult/Adult
5 Ron Hobbs & Ronald Hobbs Jr. 202 Adult/Adult
6 Mark Maderos & Daryl Snodgrass 201 Adult/Adult
7 Wes Williams & Jordan Doucet 198 Adult/Adult
8 Andy Smith & Rick Innocenti 110 Adult/Adult
9 Mike Collins & Bob Higbee 107 Adult/Adult
9 Tony Lind & Scott Lochow 107 Adult/Adult
10 Jason Dempsey & Casey Ross 105 Adult/Adult
11 John McHenry & Robert Leary 104 Adult/Adult
11 Phil Johnson & Brandon Van Brocklin 104 Adult/Adult
12 Terry Dodds & Bruce Beaty 103 Adult/Adult
13 Thayne Hatch & Mike Stalhman 102 Adult/Adult
14 Larry Williams & James Smith 101 Adult/Adult
14 Lee Jones & Kyle Turner 101 Adult/Adult
15 Don Simon & Chad Simon 92 Adult/Adult
16 Thomas Keating 20 Single
17 Bob McLucas Jr. & Frank White 10 Adult/Adult
17 Robert Chase 10 Single

Posted by: marktfd88 - Ex Member
Posted on: 03/18/08 at 14:06:50
  The fish Daryl and I had were smallies in 15ft of water or less.  We hooked 2 of them in 5ft of water.  The key was to have DEEP water near by that are the typical community holes for the winter time bass.  This were early smallies coming up to work the shoreline for food.  They were very aggressive.  Couldn't get them to go on cranks or jerkbaits.  Worked small grubs, beavers, brushhogs, etc. to get the bites.
  Saturday was won by Al Smith and Rick Incocetti.  Sunday was Marc Marcontonio / Matakowski.

Posted by: simo3458 - Ex Member
Posted on: 03/18/08 at 03:15:58
Hey Mark,
Congrats on figuring it out. Were those largies or smallies you guys caught shallow? How shallow if you don't mind? We only caught one keeper on saturday, and i refused to fish sunday. This lake kills me, and it makes me sick! It seemed like all the other boats we saw on Saturday, also didn't do so well. All the guys that did well must have been around the sunken forest and pipe? Oh, and did Greg Johnson and Jon Cooper win on saturday?
Posted by: marktfd88 - Ex Member
Posted on: 03/17/08 at 14:23:57
Daryl and I had a good Saturday.  We discovered a few fish very shallow.  They were aggressive and good fish.  We had 3 fish for 9.16 lbs and 2nd big fish good for a $100 dollars.  We lost a 4th fish that would have put us in the $.

Sunday was brutal.  Broke off one shallow fish and caught one rat at 1.91 lbs.  But that fish was good for 9th place and alot of point.  8 boats blanked on Sunday and the bite really died.

Posted by: DUNE HOPPER
Posted on: 03/17/08 at 13:54:32
We all got stiffled by the numerous fronts and rainsqualss that blew across this weekend.  Mark & Dayrl got 1 fish for 6th place, I believe it was.  I blanked Sunday, but managed to catch the largest Perch in my life!  Sunday's "T" was won by Marc Marcantonio and Mike Matcowski with a little over 15 lbs!  @nd place was 7 lbs with 3rd being about 5 with only 4 fish.
Saturday was a little bit better but there were several teams that blanked and left early.

Smitty Wink
Posted by: Larry S.
Posted on: 03/17/08 at 00:37:37
Anyone hear how they did (Mark Maderos and Daryl Snodgrass) on Samm. this weekend?? thought they had a solid pattern but was worried they deep fronts were gonna stifle 'em!