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Posted by: basspro - Ex Member
Posted on: 07/03/07 at 04:00:01
You guys crack me up Grin Grin.

Love Ya Guys,

Posted by: DUNE HOPPER
Posted on: 07/02/07 at 16:29:25
I've been down there and fished Clear lake 4 times.  It is one reason why I chose to stay in Washington and not move back to Arkansas when I retire next year. Kiss

Actually, I think it would cost less than ONE LARGE for a week if the cost of fuel were more reasonable.
However, if the recent ruling by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeasement is held, it will cost us all up to $800.00 annually to fish! Shocked  What is Smitty talking about?  Please see my post in General Topics and you'll understand!

Posted by: BassAholic
Posted on: 07/02/07 at 16:09:08
Cool!  One question:  What's a thousand bucks?

That one real good day of hunting  Cheesy
Posted by: The_Rev. - Ex Member
Posted on: 07/02/07 at 04:27:28
Cool!  One question:  What's a thousand bucks?
Posted by: Chris B.
Posted on: 07/02/07 at 04:16:57
That sounds like an amazing experience.  Love to see some of those pics.  Maybe someday I'll get down that way.
Posted by: basspro - Ex Member
Posted on: 07/01/07 at 18:15:22

My wife gave me that same present for my 40th birthday- a week at Clear Lake in May of 02. Seeing 15lbers under docks was awesome. Getting them to eat was another story.

Best $1000 I have ever spent. And will be back myself some day.

Posted by: EX-PREZ
Posted on: 07/01/07 at 17:50:38
Hey Gang,
  As some of you know, Shanne set up a week at Clear Lake for me for my birthday.  That place is AWESOME!  Though post spawn is in full swing, here's the "honest report".  In 5 days of fishing, we caught 1 (yes, one) fish LESS THAN 3 LBS.!!!!!  It took us about 15 minutes to have our first keeper in boat (4 lber on a Zara Spook at 4 PM in direct sunlight).  The "spook bite" is insane!  We didn't keep a fish count (way too much fun to waste the time), but I'm sure we caught 50 or more on a Spook alone.  If you set the hook, you were almost certain it would exceed 3 lbs.  I broke off the "big fish" of the trip which I estimate to be around 7 1/2 lbs. but brought in (on a Spook) a 6.8 lber.  The two hot baits (for us) were a Carolina rigged 8 inch green pumpkin lizard and the old Zara Spook.  Shanne caught 6-7 on a buzz bait and missed another 50 I bet. 
  For those of you that would like to make a trip down there, I would STRONGLY advise doing it.  If you pack light, stay in a cheap motel and eat cheap, it would cost less than 1,000 bucks.  We caught 3 and 4 lb. fish pretty much at will.  I caught 3 4 lbers under one dock on a Brush Hawg at 2 in the afternoon in 90+ degree weather with a water temp of 75 degrees!  Now for the "fish story"..............  On the last day, while fish under docks (literally under docks, boat and all as the water is that low) we pulled the boat up into about 3 feet of water and I saw what I thought to be 2 carp.  THEY WERE FEMALES!  I would estimate them to be between 15-18 lbs and I'm not joking!!!!!!!  There ended up being 4 in plain site at once!!  All 4 exceed 15 lbs!!!!!!!  The largest one was actually using the shadow of our boat as shade!  Shanne asked me why we don't just net it and take a look at it?  As most of you would do, I'm tearing the boat apart looking for a Senko rod, French Fry rod, Brush Hawg or anything that would make them bite.  I was sooooo excited I did nearly pee my pants and all Shanne could do was sit there and watch the "circus".  My knees were shaking so bad, my heart racing and my wife making fun of me was more than I could bear!  But, the good news is I got pictures of them (though not real good ones as my camera doesn't have a polarized lense) but they are good enough for memmories sake.  As luck would have it, this spot, those fish and those memmories all took place an hour before we had to leave.  If you don't think that I'll be back, you're NUTS!  We took about 50 pics of 50 different 3-4 lbers and 5 days worth of fantastic memmories.
TO THE WIVES:  this was the best birthday present a guy could ever have!  It would also make a great anniversary present, Christmas present, 4th of July present, Easter present, Fathers Day present, "ATA BOY", "Kudos" or any other reason to exchange gifts!!!!!!!  HINT HINT, my love!!!!  Thanks to the most AWESOME WIFE in the whole wide universe!!!  I am "RECHARGED"!!!  EX PREZ