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Topic Summary - Displaying 7 post(s).
Posted by: Admin
Posted on: 06/08/06 at 03:55:30
Jason LaFave and Mike Robinson won it with  38.91 pounds.  I just posted the results on the C.A.S.T. site.
Posted by: Y2SAYS
Posted on: 06/07/06 at 21:35:51
Those are some good weights.  No wonder why I couldn't catch any fish on Monday. Wink
Posted by: simo3458 - Ex Member
Posted on: 06/07/06 at 13:36:38
Second was 37.54 with a 4.86 saturday and a 4.46 big fish sunday.
Posted by: simo3458 - Ex Member
Posted on: 06/07/06 at 13:02:56
First Place= Largemouth Guys "Sorry Dont Know there names?"
Second Place = Hobbs Jr./Pettit
Third Place = Johnson/Brown

I know third place was around 29lbs....
Posted by: Nick_Barr - Ex Member
Posted on: 06/07/06 at 02:43:50
Come on now guys, Somebody has got to know who won!!!!!  Its $7500, It should have been announced somewhere!!!!!!!!
Posted by: Nick_Barr - Ex Member
Posted on: 06/05/06 at 15:05:05
I was there the first day, JR. was in Second with 19 lbs.

Some guys came in 20 lbs. of Largemouth for 1rst place on day 1. I Cant rememer how smitty and williams did but I think they either got 10 or 13 lbs.

It stunk I couldnt make it the second day weigh-in, My Dad wouldnt let me go. But I had fun on the first day helping out with the boats and eating an AWESOME BBQ.
Posted by: larrys - Ex Member
Posted on: 06/04/06 at 21:41:29
Anybody find out who is leading in the Cast tournament?
Hopefully no one with the last beginning with H., M. or L.

(Hobbs McConville or Lambert......gets to be old you know?) Wink

Holding out for Smith/Williams team. Grin