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Topic Summary - Displaying 14 post(s).
Posted by: Admin
Posted on: 04/20/05 at 19:25:03
Bryon's record was for a 3-day total.  More info:

Rob, you may be thinking of Dean Rojas one-day record of 45 lbs 2oz enroute to a 4-day record of 108lbs 12 ozs:

Posted by: powerworm - Ex Member
Posted on: 04/20/05 at 04:54:51
Awesome job fellas.  Saving a life too, what a guy !
Posted by: kholmes - Ex Member
Posted on: 04/19/05 at 22:07:05
Sure makes those huge one-day totals of nine pounds at Banks Lake seem comical....

Great job, Fellas..

Posted by: rob_maglio - Ex Member
Posted on: 04/19/05 at 20:59:49
Yeah, I'm thinking I may have mixed some numbers up in my head. It's all good. I don't know why I was thinking of a 43 or so pound day. I just remember he was throwing swimbaits on beds and I thought I remembered thinking that he averaged like 8-9 lbs one day. My bad...
Posted by: Nick - Ex Member
Posted on: 04/19/05 at 20:07:14
Rob sorry but I believe Smitty is right. Byron Velvick doesn't even make the top five for all time biggest one day weight.
Posted by: rob_maglio - Ex Member
Posted on: 04/19/05 at 19:51:25
Yeah but I am
positive that he had like 43 lbs on one of those days....If I am wrong I will admit it, but we haven't got to that point quite yet... Wink
Posted by: Smitty - Ex Member
Posted on: 04/19/05 at 18:35:49
I hate to tarnish your tin Rob Roll Eyes, but the record that Byron holds, is for three days at Clear lake in 2000.  He caught 83.5 lbs durning the BASS invitational 4/13-4/15.

Smitty  (knows "B" personally) Wink

Posted by: rob_maglio - Ex Member
Posted on: 04/19/05 at 16:23:44
I hate to burst the bubble but Byron Velvick had 43 or so pounds in 1999 during a BASS Open or Invitational on Clear Lake. it was the BASS record for a single day until Rojas beat it at Toho. I will research the exacts number because it makes me wonder. Still a great weight though!!
Posted by: sarge - Ex Member
Posted on: 04/19/05 at 14:53:21
WOW - What a trip fellas! I cannot believe the pigs they catch down there.

Nicely done Harley, partner, Smitty, and Larry... And, saving a life, what can be said about that? What a club!

Posted by: Smitty - Ex Member
Posted on: 04/19/05 at 14:04:17
I'm pretty sure I broke a couple of his ribs, as I could hear them "pop" as I made successive compresion squeezes Tongue.  However, he was very happy and the color returned to his face with a big beaming smile when we were finished with him. Smiley  That was worth it to him and to us! Cheesy

Oh yeah, ask Larry how big the Kentuckies get at Lake Shasta.

Posted by: S._Basser - Ex Member
Posted on: 04/19/05 at 05:50:45
Good job on saving the ol' fella's life, guys. I hope his ribs aren't too sore. I guess I never really thought about it, but saving a life would really be a major event in my life, tho I suppose Larry must do that at least once a week. Wow.... 

Congratulations on a stout effort at the T to the Smitty & Larry team, and the 3rd place/$1K for Harley & Mark team. Hope that $ will buy the gas to go to the Finals... yikes!
C&R, Steve
Posted by: larrys - Ex Member
Posted on: 04/19/05 at 05:43:42
Harley has some cool Transmission and Prop stories to tell too!
Posted by: Admin
Posted on: 04/19/05 at 05:30:52
Geeze Louis!! What an eventful trip!!  Congrats to Harley and Mark on their berth to the championship!!

And, wow... saving a man's life is no small matter!  You guys have my admiration and respect.  Well done!
Posted by: larrys - Ex Member
Posted on: 04/19/05 at 05:24:02
Hey western....Missed Ya'll.....two boats from Western were at the Stratos owners western regional Championships on the 15th and 16th and guess what? of the teams took 3rd!!
Harley Davidson and his partner Mark took 3rd place with I think 37+ pounds and earned $1.000.00 and a berth to Tennessee at the world championships and a chance at $100.000!
We all got to witness a lake record as the winner got....get this......a five fish limit of 41+ pounds!


They had two fish over ten pounds and did not even have to fish the second day but they caught 25+ pounds on day two for a ten fish weight of 63+ pounds!
Smitty and myself got 17+ pounds for 8 fish but had a heck of a time and loads of sun...Scott Ramirez sends his regards From the beutiful town of Weed.....and man what a view of Mount Shasta! myself and Smitty can attest....get first aid and CPR training it does save lives as Mr. Smith and I utilized the Heimlich Maneuver on a 79 year old gentleman who had a complete airway obstruction in a restaurant and was able to go home happy making the trip all worth it!
Hope you all get a chance to fish a large scale event as it is all worth the price of admission!