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Topic Summary - Displaying 15 post(s).
Posted by: larrys - Ex Member
Posted on: 09/29/04 at 02:29:05
I tried that Ty-po workout....but you see what it did for me.....But now that I am Revered by Rich.........

Posted by: Admin
Posted on: 09/29/04 at 01:35:47
LOL!  I'm with you dipsnort!   Grin

Geeze... you guys are ruthless with typos!   Grin
Posted by: Rich - Ex Member
Posted on: 09/28/04 at 22:36:35
Outdid him.  But you have to understand that he backseated with Larry.  And we all know that Larry is like a vacuum cleaner on fish.  S-U-U-U-C-C-K-K-K-.  In fact I would think that the water level is about 2 inches lower at the back of the boat then in the front when Larry is in the zone. Cheesy

Posted by: Dipsnort - Ex Member
Posted on: 09/28/04 at 21:55:15
There's one list I don't need to be on.  Cry  Wink
Posted by: Russbaker - Ex Member
Posted on: 09/28/04 at 19:04:30

That sounds kind of kinky to me???? Out did him or Did Him??????????????
Posted by: Rob_Maglio - Ex Member
Posted on: 09/28/04 at 18:45:19
OUCH!! Them's is fightin words....
Posted by: Rich - Ex Member
Posted on: 09/28/04 at 18:29:35
Not a hit list.  It is just a list of guys that I would like to outfish.

Hhmmm, the list looks strangely like the entire members list. Oh wait a minute.  I don't see Brownlee's name on it.  I guess I already did him. Shocked

Posted by: Rob_Maglio - Ex Member
Posted on: 09/28/04 at 16:09:36
Well I hope it's not a
I may already be on a few of those.
Posted by: Rich - Ex Member
Posted on: 09/28/04 at 01:05:15
Hey Rob,  how come you JUST happen to have a picture of the scoreboard? Grin

Good job.

I guess I will have to put you on my list along with Kirk,

Posted by: powerworm - Ex Member
Posted on: 09/28/04 at 00:50:41
Wow, sounded like a great time.  Big limits, good weather, awesome guys.
Posted by: rob_maglio - Ex Member
Posted on: 09/27/04 at 22:28:10
Since I have a picture of the score board, I'll post the top 5.

Rob Maglio  23.14
Lyle Logston 20.10
Steve Johnson 18.14
Terry Steffenson 18.9
Dave Hendrickson 18.8

Yeah my first keeper of the tournament was the 5 lber.
You were about right on with the report though.

Posted by: daryl_s. - Ex Member
Posted on: 09/27/04 at 21:38:51
My partner Steve Johnson (5.2 lbs. Largemouth) was third and Terry S. was Fourth or Fifth.

Posted by: Admin
Posted on: 09/27/04 at 21:22:39
Thanks for clarifying.  I knew I didn't have all the details right.   In fact, I wasn't even aware you had caught a 5-pounder also.  Cheesy

What was your winning weight again?
Posted by: Rob_Maglio - Ex Member
Posted on: 09/27/04 at 20:00:46
Daryl's partner Steve caught the 5.2 largemouth the first day beating my 5lb even. The dropshot baits were out of the sale ($.99) bin at the local tackle shop (Not that those club raffle prizes aren't great.) The weather was great being cool in the morning, but warming nicely in the afternoon. I'll let Terry tell you all about the awesome move he pulled to get out od a sandbar covered dune.

The Saturday evening entertainment was great with a comedy CD provided by Mike Wolsky. Although several almost passed out while crying in laughter.
Posted by: Admin
Posted on: 09/27/04 at 16:19:20
In a nutshell: It was a great tournament!  24 anglers - all caught fish.  There were about as many patterns as there were anglers.  The water was up quite a bit, which made the dunes accessible, so several anglers ventured in and were able to pull out some nice fish (including two 5-pounders).  Weather couldn't have been better, with temps in the upper 70's and a light breeze.

Rob M. pounded it out on the dam face and around Goose Island to bring in solid weights each day to take the win.  Congrats to Rob!  Spinnerbaits and dropshotting baits won at club raffle were the ticket.

Lyle Logsten took 2nd with heavy bags filled with fish caught back in Linde Coulee.  Dropshotting proved to be the bread-n-buttah presentation for the Skeeter crew.  

And Terry Stephenson nabbed 3rd by spinnerbaiting beaver huts back in the dunes.

Larry Sullivan took "Big Fish" honors with a 5lb 3oz pig he caught on 8lb line back in Crab Creek.  That would've been fun to watch him reel THAT in!  Also, I believe Dave Henderson caught a 5lb 2oz hawg (dunes?), and Rich Loth nailed a 4lb 10oz sow at the entrance of Linde Coulee.

It was great to hear all the top dogs "tell all" at the awards ceremony.

Congratulations to all the winners!!   Grin