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Topic Summary - Displaying 12 post(s).
Posted by: larrys - Ex Member
Posted on: 06/03/04 at 21:17:23
Lets Mack will put in a good word for me......hmmmm
Posted by: Rich - Ex Member
Posted on: 05/28/04 at 04:11:28
how about them chicago bears???
Posted by: Admin
Posted on: 05/28/04 at 00:54:45
Hey, those aren't PILLOWS!!   Shocked
Posted by: Smitty - Ex Member
Posted on: 05/27/04 at 20:15:05
No charge to you Mark, being a big strong firefighter and all. Smiley  I mean after all, when you are one of America's heros you have much too much on your mind to worry about an occasional pillow misplacement.  Shocked  
I will gladly retreive the pillow for you. You can take it back to the firehouse so that your teddy bear will have a place to lay it's little head when you are away fighting fires and pulling cats from trees. Kiss Kiss Kiss   OUCH!!!

Ah, the sweet smell of retaliation is in the air. Roll Eyes  I remember those jarhead comments at Duck Lake last year.  As for Sullivan, well just remember who he is.  HA HA! Grin Grin

Wink Wink
Posted by: marktfd88 - Ex Member
Posted on: 05/27/04 at 14:59:17
Hey Smitty,
  The pillow is mine, and would greatly appreciate it if you picked it up for me.  And yes, I will claim that I owe you one and will pay up on it.

Posted by: Rich - Ex Member
Posted on: 05/27/04 at 14:40:44
Larry, if you read this then I would suggest that you just go buy another coffee pot and disavow any knowledge of the one in the room. 


Rich 8)

Posted by: Smitty - Ex Member
Posted on: 05/27/04 at 12:56:29
Oh Larry is going to owe me BIG TIME for this! Grin

Posted by: bbrynteson - Ex Member
Posted on: 05/26/04 at 21:42:27
Hey Smitty

The Coffee Maker is Larry's, and he is probably hating the world not having it while fishing the lakes in Eastern Wa. on his vacation.  He also may have gone back for it, but if you would be so kind and check on it for him I am sure he would most beholdin'

Thanks big guy

Posted by: Smitty - Ex Member
Posted on: 05/26/04 at 13:06:10
I will be in the TriCities on business the weekend following the jamboree.  If anyone wants those items retreived contact me.  Anything can be arranged for a small fee. Roll Eyes   heh heh Cheesy

Posted by: rwfaz - Ex Member
Posted on: 05/25/04 at 19:50:31
By the way, I called Desert Gold and thanked them for their help in getting everyone in that they could, they told me a few things got left behind:

1)   Keys left in Smitty/John Holland's Room
2)   A pillow left in Mark Maderos' Room
3)   Coffee pot left in Larry/Bill's Room

You can call them at 1-800-788-GOLD

Posted by: sarge - Ex Member
Posted on: 05/25/04 at 16:27:07
SWEET! Those are some excellent weights. Thanks for the detailed report, Faz. Congrats to everyone that did so well.

I'm bummed to have missed the the first two tournaments, but I will be at the next ones!!!

Y'all watch yourselves, because y'all can't fish like Terry and Me. Steffensen and Sergeant will be 1 and 2 at Banks in June.  Grin

Shocked Shocked Shocked Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Shocked Shocked
Posted by: Rwfaz - Ex Member
Posted on: 05/25/04 at 07:38:14
I hope you enjoyed the Teaser, here is a full report.

30 Anglers in 16 boats descended on the Tri-Cities area. accomodation was spread around a bit, but most of us were at the Desert Gold RV Park. This proved to be really handy for the Columbia Point Launch site, which has a 4 lane ramp (Free launching) at least a dozen moorings and a nice park with several large gazebos. All in all a very nice setup.

The weather turned out be more friendly than anticipated, there were heavy winds at times, but not as bad as some predictions.

The battle was on!! Some really good fish were caught on Day 1, and Brian Walker led the pack with 12lbs 8oz including what turned out to be Big Fish of the Tournament, a nice 5lb 3oz Largemouth. Second place was Mike Wolsky with 12lbs 4oz, third was Dave Hendrickson with 12lbs 3oz and fourth Virgil Wilbur with 11lbs 110z. These were the only double-digit bags of Day 1. Altogether there were 14 5-fish limits caught on Saturday.

The action obviously "heated up" on Sunday as another 10 5-fish limits were brought to the scales, and another 4 double-digit bags came in.

Virgil came through with a tremendous bag weighing 16lbs 15oz to win from the backseat! Great job Virgil!
It seemed that White Spinnerbaits were the order of the day, and the top four Anglers made the most of them.

For full results of the Tournament, and the current Angler of the Year standings, please check the links attached. (Once Glenn has a chance to make sure they work OK, that is) More tables for Ladies' and Couples Divisions will be available soon.

Overall results:
1)   Virgil Wilbur - 10 fish - 28lbs 10oz
2)   Dave Hendrickson - 10 fish - 25lbs 12oz
3)   Mike Wolsky - 10 fish - 24lbs 10oz

Ladies results were:
1)   Kerri May - 8 fish - 11lbs 10oz
2)   Shannon Wolsky - 5 fish - 8lbs 10oz
3)   Andrea Logston - 1 fish - 2lbs 0oz
     (due to boat problems, Andrea missed day 2)

Couples results:
1)   Shannon/Mike Wolsky - 15 fish - 33lbs 4oz
2)   Kerri/Glenn May - 15 fish - 26lbs 6oz
3)   Andrea/Lyle Logston - 9 fish - 15lbs 6oz

A great start to the season, the gauntlet has been thrown down....

Thanks again to all who came down and made this a great Competition.

I look forward to another great Tournament on Banks in a month, see ya there!