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Topic Summary - Displaying 4 post(s).
Posted by: daryl_s. - Ex Member
Posted on: 04/19/04 at 14:32:09

Fished our club tournament on Silver lake sunday and 12.5 lbs won first and 9 lbs took second. My backseater won the tournament with 3 fish (5.11 lbs, 5.7 lbs, and a very small third fish. I think I finished 5th or 6th with 2 fish at 3.4 lbs. Stick to your game plans because the fish are there. I fished the same water as Saturday and we only boated 1 keeper for the day. Happy hunting and I'll see you guys this weekend.

Posted by: larrys - Ex Member
Posted on: 04/19/04 at 03:47:13
Thanks! As a matter of fact there were no zero boats as I remember it ...over last year...More fish but smaller size....Took 21 lbs to win last year and 16+ this year with a 5.15 lber to win big fish.
Posted by: sarge - Ex Member
Posted on: 04/19/04 at 02:59:10
Thanks for the report, Larry! Sounds like it was a tought tournament, but fun nonetheless.

Posted by: larrys - Ex Member
Posted on: 04/18/04 at 03:28:36
Okay, with all the hooplah recently about how the fishing was at Silver the last two weeks you are expecting a good report from the tourney right?
Well for Western it was GREAT!
Five Western member boats........out of 26 entered
All caught fish.......
One took 2nd place and $630.00+!

Heres what I know...unofficial of coarse.........

Daryl Snodgrass boat...1 fish.....did not weigh.....

Doug Booth and friend John....1 fish and won the T.V. in the raffle!

Mark and Larry...4.2lbs......2 fish...(Mark Saved us!!)

Brian and Lyle....4.4lbs....2 fish...Brian won $50.00 in Raffle

Bob Brandt and Co.......13+ lbs for 4 fish and 2nd Place!!!

So get ready as the Spring weather be-afluctuating all over the place as the water barely made 57 degrees!
(Was 64 last week!!)
See ya at Silver on the 24th!!