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tion flows through our club's veins! 
I'm not naïve, I know the concept of "testing" is going to be a harder sell. Most of us think of "testing" and suddenly frightening images of school teachers, number 2 pencils, and final exams haunt our minds. And yet, while WBC has never handed out surprise quizzes at the club meetings or asked for mid-term essays - each member has multiple opportunities to be tested during the year. For instance…
club tournaments are a great place to test your knowledge of bass fishing as you compete against the other students, (I mean club members!)  For those who prefer a less structured test, there are the "Fish-ins" on Saturdays. True, no grades are passed out, but we all know who "passed" …and

who struggled with applying fishing theory to an actual application. And of course, every day you go out on the water, alone or with a friend, the lake, weather, time of day… all these will test your fishing knowledge.
Some of you will attempt to tell me that you don't care if you
"pass" the test or not.  "I just wanted to go out and enjoy the day on the water!"  Yeh, right! Admit it, "being tested" is part of the challenge and joy of fishing. When that lunker gets lipped into the boat, don't you beam with excitement? Don't you internally relish the fact that your angling knowledge paid off? And even on the days you get skunked, you are humbly reminded that there is still a lot to learn! But the testing reveals what to study next!
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