The Grand Slam Award

The coveted Grand Slam Award is open to all members of the WBC. It requires members become proficient in catching a variety of warm water species, rather than only bass. To qualify for the Grand Slam Award, you must catch six warm water fish over these minimum specified weights:

Minimum Requirements
Largemouth Bass Five pounds
Smallmouth Bass Four pounds
Perch One 1/2 pounds
Walleye Six pounds
Bluegill One pound
Crappie Two pounds

Fish qualifying for the Grand Slam Award may be caught on public waters in any state, but they have to be weighed on an accurate scale, witnessed and submitted to the club on a Greenslip. Artificial lures only. The contest is on-going meaning there isn't a time limit. Each fish caught over the aforementioned minimum size limit is addded to your total for as many years as it takes for you to achieve this award.

Larry and his award To date, only one member, Larry Gonczy, has won this coveted award during the entire history of the Western Bass Club. Larry is still a very active member in the club today. Congratulations Larry!!

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