The Awards Party

The Awards Party is one of the most enjoyable events of the year

The Awards party wraps up the yearly events. This entertaining evening is open to all WBC members, their families and guests. The gala event features a feast fit for royalty. Following the feast, the awards for the year are presented (listed below). The new officers and board members for the upcoming year are also introduced.
The evening is concluded with a gigantic raffle of items donated by members and businesses. The raffle constitutes one of our primary fund-raisers and ensures the club starts the year with sufficient operating capital.

Just some of the raffle prizes typical at this event
(note the "lure tree" on the left)

Yearly Awards
Angler of the YearThe Angler of the Year award is determined by adding each members' points acquired in his/her best three out of four tournament finishes.

Female Angler of the YearThe Female Angler of the Year award is determined by adding each female members' points acquired in her best three out of four tournament finishes in the ladies division.

Couple of the YearThe Couple of the Year award is determined by adding couple's team points acquired in their best three out of four tournament finishes in the couple's division.

Points for each placement per tournament are awarded as follows:

Point System
1st 101 pts
2nd 95 pts
3rd 90 pts
4th 85 pts
5th 80 pts
Points will then drop by five-point increments (75, 70, 65 etc.) in order of finish down to 10 points. All anglers finishing below a 10 point finish will receive 5 points for attending. Big fish of the tournament does not accumulate Angler of the Year points.

Big Bass of the YearThe Big Bass of the Year is determined from the Greenslips submitted at each meeting throughout the year. The largest bass entered (either largemouth or smallmouth) is determined the winner. All rules under the monthly Greenslip competition apply.

Member of the YearThe Member of the Year award is determined by a vote of the officers and board members. It is awarded to the member they determine most helped promote the club and its goals throughout the year.

President's AwardThe President's award is determined by the current club president. It's awarded to the member he feels most helped him or her with club activities throughout the year.

Big Tournament StringerThis award is given to the member with the largest one-day tournament weight.

Stringer of the YearThe Stringer of the Year award is determined from the total of monthly Greenslips of biggest bass per angler. Be sure to enter your monthly Greenslip even if you don't think your fish will take big fish for the month, it could add up to win this award.

Ambassador of the YearThe Ambassador of the Year award is awarded to the person who does an outstanding job helping out new members become acclimated to the club.

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